Taric - The Gem PWNERER - by d00m

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Hi Taric lovers and haters, what's up?

So i hear alot about taric being an homosexual character, who can only heal and thats all he's good for ...
oh yea, and he likes shiny stuff

Well with this guide i wanna teach you guys what i have been doing for some time, getting MASSIVE kills with this character 
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A little appeteiser:
Taric has some of the best spells in the game, i mean come on look at it ... he got STUN, ARMOR REDUCTION and HEAL (?!)
and dont even get me started on his ultimate, seriously ... so much more damage, are you crazy.

Taric in my point of view has some the best opportunities to turn a team battle, a 1vX battle ... or hell, 
even a boss fight 

The secret to true Taric-Pwnage is through his skill build, but we'll get to that later. (if you feel like it, just scroll
down and go to all the juicy stuff ;P )

Taric - The Gem Knight:
We are dealing with a character here, who has all the things we know a true pwnage character should have,
he has an incredible offence, a just as amazing defense, and he can be your team's ace in the sleeve.

Early Game:
Level 1:
Here early on, what you want to do is start out with a pair of "Brawler's Gloves" (wait what?! ... are you serious?)
i will come back to those in a secound.
When you pick your lane, you don't HAVE to be with a team mate (although it is recommended), but go do top lane or bot lane,
your choice.
Now go into the grass closest to your enemy's tower, and just hide in there with your buddy (remember: YOU HAVEN'T PICKED
You just wait here till your prey comes closer.
When you see who you are up against is when you pick your skill:
Ranged + tank: go for the safe choice and pick Imbue (heal)
Ranged + ranged: try out Dazzle (stun) and see if you can catch that first blood
Tank + tank: take Shatter (armor reduction), for obvious reasons, allthough Dazzle (Stun) might also come in handy here.
Melee + Ranged: Take Dazzle or Shatter, depends on the situation.
Melee + Melee: same as above.

The reason for not picking your skills right away, should be obvious.
If you need to stun one of your targets, you would regret having picked that heal in the beginning right ?

Now, back to that item pick again ... why did you pick those gloves???
Because taric has ENORMOUS potential for burst-damage-kills later on.
Those gloves gives you 8% extra critical ontop of your standart percentages.
So in a typical case where you picked Dazzle for the first-blood kill, it would typically play out like this:

(enemy just enters the grass)
BOOM you hit him in his face with your big hammer of justice.
enemy: WTF MAN!? /flee
and by now your enemy should have about 100 hp left, and here you can use your summoner spells as you please, or let your buddy
take the kill.

After that is over with, you go back to final hitting creeps, getting that cash-flow going you have learned to love so much.

Level 2:
pick your Heal now, its a good thing to have a level in, and its cooldown is ridiculous.

keep getting those final hits and gain those kills if the chance comes up.

Level 3:
Pick your Shatter or Dazzle (which ever you haven't leveled up in yet).
Now you are just about ready to start pwning.
but dont forget to keep that money flowing!

Level 4:
You now need to pick either Shatter or Imbue, the reason for this is:
A. You want to be able to keep killing your enemies
B. You wont gain as much dps from leveling Dazzle as you would from leveling Shatter
and C. Your heal is your safty-net

Level 5:
here you have 2 choices, skill wise just keep cycleing between Imbue and Shatter, dont level Dazzle till last.
But the two choices is to either stay on your lane with your buddy, and push that tower and you know, keeping up the pressure.
or ask your buddy to go out and take the mana creep when you are 50% up in level.
Because with the xp from the mana creep, you gain enough to level up to level 6.

Level 6:
Here you got your mana-creep-buff (best case scenario), and you obviously pick your ultimate.
Now you move back to the lane and just burst those champions down, ill get into the damage cycle later.
If you and your buddy gets the kills needed to clear the lane, rush up to the tower (Burn all your mana on Shatter to get those
creeps down), and then just pop your ulti, and tell your buddy to burst that tower.
With the mana-creep-buff you and your buddy should be able to take down a full tower if you timed your creeps right.
after the tower is dead, or you are being locked down at your lane (with the mana buff).
Teleport back to the base and pick up an "Avarice Blade" + a pair of "Berserker's Greaves"

level 7-11:
Here you have gotten atleast a kill by now, and got your items with you, now you just wannt get farming, and kill champions
if they get too frisky.
Ofcourse pick your ultimate at level 11

Mid game is where you start to show em' whos' the boss 
You will be able to take down enemies on your own and with buddies, even 3 and 4 at the time.
You have your critical chances going, you have a nice armor reduction by now, your heal is saving you alot of running back
to the fountain.

Now start bying items according to the "Rylai's Scepter" recipe, and dont start out with the health item, you want to pick
that one up last with the recipe itself.

Why Rylai's Scepter?
Rylai's Scepter gives you AP which increases your burst potential and your heal potential PLUS (and i cant stress this enough)
it slows on every spell you throw at em'
Which means:
Ultimate (for that epic extra amount of damage)
Shatter (1 gazillion damage + slow)
CRIT (Extra damage due to the armor reduction AND YOUR ULTIMATE)
and by now your stun should be about ready again, so repeat the process.

Mid to Late game:
Level 12-16
Basicly the same gameplay as with the level 7-11 scenario.
you go around and burst enemies down to atleast 50% at the time, and then your team mates can usually count for the other 50%

Itemwise, you would want to have finished your Rylai's and have stacked up some money so go ahead and start bying items
according to the "Lich Bane" recipe.

Lich Bane increases your damage PER HIT, because everytime you hit, you have thrown a spell at him right before.
plus if you crit, you are basicly guaranteed a kill right there 

Level 16-18
Here you pick your skills as they come ... propably only stun left and ulti, so go ahead with those two.

Now you have high damage potential, and you have high team-play potential.
During battles you want to Heal friendly players (yea, you can't get around it ._. you have to help them out right?)
but also very importantly, remember to keep your ulti up in team battles, it helps your team's overall damage and it heals them.
so you don't have to waste time healing them all the time, you can focus on your bursts!

You will be facing alot of team battles here, just remember to keep your ultimate up, it can literally mean life or death
for your team!

Item wise:
Here you got your Avarice Blade, Berserker's Greavers, Rylai's and Lich Bane.
So the last two spots can be filled out by your choise.
But i would pick a nice Phantom Dancer and last item should be something that suits the gameplay, IE. maybe some magic res, or
inf. edge .... what ever fits you best.

Damage cycle:
Here i assume we're atleast in mid game, because this is where you will be owning mostly.

Ultimate - For that extra juicy damage
Stun him - Wait for it!
Shatter him - To reduce his armor and therefor increasing your DPS ... NOW! BASH HIS HEAD IN!
don't let him run away! stun him again!
congrats, you have slayed an enemy 


Summoner Spells:
This is up to you, i use Exhaust and Teleport
Because i love being able to teleport all over the map, and being able to be sure to get kills.
But pick what ever you like 

Skill picks!
1. Dazzle -> (Level 1)
2. Shatter -> (Level 1)
3. Imbue -> (Level 1)
4. Shatter -> (Level 2)
5. Imbue -> (level 2)
6. Radiance -> (level 1)
7. Shatter -> (Level 3)
8. Imbue -> (Level 3)
9. Shatter -> (Level 4
10. Imbue -> (Level 4)
11. Radiance -> (Level 2)
12. Shatter -> (Leve 5)
13. Imbue -> (Level 5)
14 + 15. Dazzle -> (Level 2 + 3)
16. Radiance -> (Level 3)
17 + 18. Dazzle

Avarice Blade
Berserker's Greavers
Rylai's Scepter
Lich Bane
Phantom Dancer
< your choice goes here >

Hope this will change your view of this amazing character, he is alot more than just a "healer" he can be a mean killing machine
or the reason why you and your team won the whole match!

This is my first guide and im aware my grammar is horrible, so just ignore it mmkay :P?

Have a nice time, and thank you for reading my guide.

Hope you see you pwning soon, d00m 

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