Ezreal - The Best and Weirdest Guide Out There!! by God of Life

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Hello, today im going to tell you a very weird guide for Ezreal, but i must warn you, it might cost anywhere from 3k-4k ip for runes, because this build requires runes if you plan to use this extremely helpful guide. Okay so let's begin, remember, this is an odd build but it works extremely well.

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Okay now first lets get started with the directory:
1. Why Ezreal?
2. Rune Choices
3. Builds and why
4. Summoner Skill Choices and Situations
5. Item Builds
6. Early Game Tactics / laning
7. Mid-Late Game Tactics
8. Skill Levels
9. Personal Preferences and Thoughts

1. Why Ezreal?

Why choose Ezreal? You ask this question many of times during the last week, seeing many Ezreals being played. Many of them are not very good, others are. Well the whole point of Ezreal is to be a Special one-of-a-kind Skill Shot only hero. He can be, and will be the best in the game if followed right throughout the game and guide. So if your in the right mood and looking for some serious skilled involved inside this hero, please double click the purchase button on Ezreal, Saddle your seat, and take a ride on the Skill Shot Express!

2. Rune

Now this is a very delicate process and will most likely turn almost all of you away from this guide and hero most likely. I would before you read any further, save about 2-4k Ip for Runes. Now why i say this is because of the actual Mastery build we will choose, which i will explain why and what we do in this. Okay now back to the actual rune buying process. I would start off by buying Blue Ap runes, preferably Tier 2 or higher (Depending on your level and Ip). Now in the runes you want to buy this.
Blue- Ap Runes only, this is the highest rune type giving the most amount of Ap. You most likely want to buy these first if your low on Ip.
Red- Most likely Get Ap for this too, this is what i carry, but this is my guide so i will be telling you what i choose. I also want to add that your play style has a huge effect in the type of score you will achieve after using this build. If you are unhappy, change it to your liking, if it is to your liking make sure to keep it.
Yellow- Now this can get tricky, since Ezreal does require some amount of Attack speed and Ap, i would either stack more Ap so you dont have to normal attack after using all spells (The hero will be dead if you use them all end game). Otherwise, if you don't feel confident in your skill level or how well you will be stacked late game, please purchase Attack Speed Runes, just in case. (You can always make up for low stats using the item builds)
Now these runes are what i usually get, i tell you to get the best runes your Ip can afford at this time, for it will dearly effect your score during the game. This is why Ezreal is my most dedicated hero, ive spent the most Ip on him alone, more then all my other heroes combined. Please take your time to think this over, and then decide if your willing to commit this much Ip in order to dedicate to Ezreal. If you choose to, this will help a MASSIVE amount later on.

3. Builds and why

Now this is where i will lose almost all of you, those who choose to stay will wonder what i'm doing to the hero. Trust me, ive tested different builds with Ezreal and this is BY FAR my favorite one. okay now get ready to get your brain rocked when you see this.
Okay, now im only level 25, atm, i know i should be level 30, but this build will work any level at or around my level or higher.
Offensive: 3
Tier 1
Archmage's Savvy 3/3

Defensive: 22
Tier 1
Resistance 3/3
Hardiness 3/3
Tier 2
Strength of Spirit 3/3
Tier 3
Defensive Mastery 2/2
Harden Skin 3/3
Tier 4
Veteran's Scars 4/4
Tier 5
Ardor 3/3
Tier 6
Tenacity 1/1

Utility: 5
Perseverence 3/3
Good Hands 1/3
Expanded Mind 1/4

Now these have almost all been tested (Except for maybe 2 to 3 masteries) and i have done very good with all of these. Now let me explain why we should stack Ap and get Defensive tree. This is a Special build for Ezreal. In this special build he can tank almost any hero (Almost) as long as he is stacked early game. By the time an enemy hero gets the chance to hit him, Ezreal will have killed him or atleast took him below half hp, thus allowing the rest of the team to finish him while he thinks he can take you on (He thinks your the squishiest hero out there). Now let me explain even more. The runes make up for the lost dmg from not taking Offensive tree. The items you will get (Explained Later) will make up for any extra lost dmg for not taking the Offensive tree. Now most players think that Ezreal is the easiest and weakest hero (Next to Twitch) so they instantly aim for you. Now with this build you can take on them while you nuke them with the specific Item arrangement. As the heroes attack you. You will either get away with health to spare, or you will be able to dmg out their dmg on you. We wont be stacking any armor or health with items, so we chose to stack it in our build. Now this may seem weird at first. It may seem weird until you truly get used to Ezreal, but i have noticed great differences inside Ezreal's actual defensive line. What i want you to do is to take an offensive build and attempt to run into a group of heroes with your team. Now you will die almost instantly, because they aim for you, if you have your Defensive build you will be able to take three fold more dmg and maybe more (Depending on your team). Now once you run in youll see a massive difference (After you switch to defensive). By the time your team can reach the enemies and kill them, you will have had at least two of the kills, almost always. Though Ezreal takes skill to play and get kills, this build will massively increase your survivability and allow you to take heavier risks. If you have any questions please contact me (See Lower Sections for Summoner name)

4. Summoner Skill Choices and Situations

Now this will be a short section, due to the fact im anxious in telling you some serious item builds, but i will do my best here.
I have tested some summoner spells, and i have found use to these:
Clarity (Useful Early Game, Decent Late) Must have for early game ganking.
Flash (If used right you can double flash with your Arcane Shift)
Ghost (Helpful Get-away situations, also used for catching up to other heroes)
Heal (Decently Useful if your starting out newly)
Exhaust (Decent, but you will almost always never use this due to your Build and abilities)

I usually get Clarity and Flash, this is due to Clarity being EXTREMELY useful during Ezreal's mana clogging stage (Early Game) and flash is useful for quick wall jumps and escaping heroes. Plus flash can be partnered with Arcane Shift to catch up to any hero and kill most of them running. This is basically it for this section, mostly this part was to explain what i do and to explain some basic tips, mostly your call on this choosing.

5.Item Builds

Here is my Basic Build, this changes heavily depending on what you are facing. DO NOT GET MEJAI'S SOULSTEALER IF YOU ARE GETTING NUKE GANKED. This is obvious because you wont get any stacks and is a waste of money unless you can get kills and refuse to die. Here is the basic item builds:
Meki Pendant/Pots
Mejai's Soulstealer
Serk Grieves
Nashor's Tooth
Zhonya's Ring
Lich Bane
Void Staff

Okay, begining game grab a Meki Pendant for mana regen, and some pots, mostly mana but one health. Then beging laning with someone. After a short time period you should retreat and grab boots and hopefully Mejai's Soulstealer. After you get these i would wait until you get Serk grieves, then begin saving for Nashor's tooth. I usually start off by getting Fiendish Codex first, because of its Ap and reduced cooldowns. Although Stinger is an option because of it's attack speed, though i do not get it first. Then begin saving for a huge bonus to your arsenal...That's right Zhonya's Ring. Once you obtain this, the game should be close to over, if not begin saving for Lichbane. AFter you grab lich bane you would most likely have ended the game by now, but if you havent i usually end off with a Void Staff for the Magic Pen. If you have full soulstealer stacks and full items you should have around 500-700 Ap maybe more depending. This is what i usually have and can obtain every game i play. This is the basic items you should grab, there are others, but i wont explain these here.

6. Early Game Tactics / Laning

Now this is an important step in your game, probably the most important, to set your build up that is. Now you want to lane with a premade friend that will allow you to take some or all of his kills to allow you to build. Make sure this is a non-item dependent hero. If you find someone that will allow you to do this, you will be SET for the game ahead. If you can't, that's fine. All you have to do is get Mejai's Soulstealer early game and hope you get kills or assists to stack. Now early game you don't want to be fighting the neutrals, because Ezrea doesnt have that many minion controls. After you get capped Mejai's you are set for a while, attempt not to die, but at the same time helping get your team kills. Now this is a main tactic and a very seldom used one at that. When you first see your enemy heroes immediately go for the weakest one, hopefully killing him, but if not he will go for his turret as natural reflex. once he is at his turret go around near a wall next to it. Stand behind the wall and begin shooting all of your skills shots at him, ending with an Arcane Shift hopefully killing him. Then flash back on the otherside of the wall, or towards your partner. This is to avoid getting hit by turret. You should only be hit 1-3 times because when you shoot through walls you wont get hit by turret. This is basically the gist of general tactics of early game.

7. Mid-Late Game Tactics

Now this could get tricky if your high on the death marker. if not then this should be a breeze of fresh air for you. If you are dying and you cant seem to get any kills (Depending on your current situation) you may take in mind to selling your Mejai's if your dying is that often. If not try get some kind of defensive item or stick with the team. Also use the wall shoot through tactic. Now during this time you should be doing a lot of team / solo ganking during the match. If you are you should use Arcane shift as not only an offensive move as more of an escape move, using it to flash through walls, then using flash to flash through another wall losing any trailing enemy. Late game should be pretty easy, try using your ult on huge groups of heroes as they charge your towers. the more you do this, the more hesitant they are of actually coming to mess with you. Use all your spells wisely and usefully during this time. Try purchasing some Elixirs to increase any Ap you might have during this time.

8. Skill Levels

This is my Usual Skill Build, this will change to comfort any situation you may be troubled with.
W E Q W W R W E W E E From here level what is needed. This may be a bit out of order, the E E part might not be able to get in that order, im still fairly new to memorizing his skill order. This is what i basically use though. It changes heavily to consume different tastes in-game.

9. Personal Preferences and Thoughts

This is by far my Favorite hero, and this is my first guide to any hero in this game. So don't be so harsh if i mess something up during this guide. It took me awhile to make and i spent my time in it. There may be a few things wrong within it, but i will go back and fix any of it. I think that Playing Ezreal in the way ive described it is the best for my play style and fits Ezreal the best. Without the Defensive tree Ezreal is to squishy to deal with. Though with Defensive Masteries and Expensive Ap runes, you can greatly increase Ezreal's mobility to gank, and the power to destroy entire teams. I usually die between 1-4 times on average during games. and usually get around 9-20 kills during a game, also getting around 10-15 assists. Now these averages on my score can and will be changed as i get better, but this is from right now what i usually get with Ezreal. Now another thing before i end the guide is that people expect Ezreal to be the best hero without trying to actually obtain skill with the hero. Runes are just one part of Ezreal that requires dedication to the hero. Using his actual abilities are also another dedication that can be easily forgotten. All of these things explained can be neglected and Ezreal itself will suffer. So many times have i seen Ezreal being played wrong. So many times have i seen fail builds and fail mastery usages, and every time i see one of these fails is when i hear them say ",This hero, Ezreal, is the stupidest and worst hero created in LoL. Why does anyone play him? He's a baddy!" and every time i laugh and say ", Just because you can't play a hero doesn't make him bad." and they usually leave. Please notice people, that Ezreal isnt going to be good like Yi with just a right click, he actually takes some skill and strategy.
Okay guys time to wrap this up, i want everyone to know that my Summoner name is:
God of Life and that i will answer and questions and accept any friend invites anyone sends to me. Please send me and criticism that you may have, and maybe we can talk about it or play some premades. Please thank you so very much for actually reading my hard work and taking it into consideration, thank you for reading, and please have a great day and... HAPPY EZREALING THEM UP!!!!!!


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