Master Yi - Strategy and Tactics - by ianderson

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Master Yi, Master Of LoL

This is my guide on how to play Master Yi as a tower pusher champion killing machine. I've played the beta since week 3 so i have alot of experience with the champions.

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Master Yi is one of the squishier meele champions, but played right can be the difference in team fights and tower pushing. I copied the layout for this guide from Rydog(, Check out his Master Yi guide as it's also a great guide on him.


Alpha Strike
 (mana cost: 90/105/120/135/150): Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+AP x 1.01) Magic Damage and has a 20/30/40/50/60% chance to deal 400 bonus damage to minions. 18 sec. cooldown.(Master Yi's early farming ability/harassing ability, I Use this on minions when ever enemy champions are near them, it's great for harassing and the enemy, most of the time, the enemy won't be quick enough to react and hit you as you run back to your minions.) 

Meditate (mana cost: 80/100/120/140/160): Master Yi meditates restoring 150/300/500/750/1100 (+AP x 1.65) Health over 5 seconds. While Meditating Master Yi has a bonus 30 Armor and Magic Resist. 45 sec. cooldown. (Great ability late game as it restores about 60% of your hp. It also scales pretty well with ability power but stacking ability power is not needed to make use of this ability.) 

Wuju Style (mana cost: 40): Passively increases Physical damage by 15/20/25/30/35. Additionally, Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, this removes its passive bonus damage until Wuju Style becomes available again. 30 sec. cooldown. (This is Master Yi's main ability it works hand in hand with highlander for pushing towers or owning champions. Always use this when attacking Towers as you are a great tower destroyer. Don't waste this on minions try to keep it off cooldown unless your ganking or smashing towers.)

Highlander (mana cost: 120): Increases Master Yi's Movement Speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 30/50/70%, and he becomes immune to all slowing effects for 6/9/12 seconds. Additionally, killing a champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns. 70 sec. cooldown. (Great for champion killing and tower pushing, pop this with Wuju Style and you'll have that champion/tower down in no time. If you kill a champion with this popped it will refresh all your cooldowns, including Highlander! Make sure that you don’t pop Wuju style until the old one runs off because it will stack with your popped one [I.E level 5 Wuju Style= 35x2 while it's active +35 of your passive =105 physical damage!])

Double Strike (passive): Master Yi has a chance to strike twice each time he attacks. (This works great with the Razors as you can hit 500's twice!)

Recommended Summoner Masteries: 21 Offensive, 0 Defensive, 9 Utility 

Tier 1: 3/3 Deadliness, 1 Cripple(If you’re using Exhaust if not get Arch mage’s Savvy) 
Tier 2: 3/4 Sorcery, 4/4Alacrity
Tier 3: 3/3 Sunder
Tier 4: 3/3 Brute Force
Tier 5: 3/3 Lethality
Tier 6: 1/1 Havic

Tier 1: 1/3 Good hands, 3/3 Perseverence
Tier 2: 4/4 Awareness 
Tier 3: 1/2 Utility Mastery(Great Talent because you're always getting neutral buffs) 

Recommended Runes
I get Full Critical damage runes with Master Yi as they are awesome with Infinity Edge, I also get Quintessence of Desolation for the armor pen to Make squishy hero's even squishier. You should have 39% critical damage and 13 armor pen.

Rune Summary
Red(Marks)-Greater Mark Of Furor
Yellow(Seals)-Greater Seal Of Furor
Blue(Glyphs)-Greater Glyph Of Furor
Quintessence-Greater Quintessence Of Desolation

Recommended Summoner Spells

1) Flash- Great for getting away from champions and great for chasing down champions, almost essential for every champion.
2a) Exhaust- As Yi has no slow of his own, this is great for ganking champions.
2b) Revive- Revive is great on any champion because while your dead you dont make any gold or xp!
2c)Teleport- Great for porting up to minions close to towers to quickly take down the tower, also if you have a Teemo on your team you can port to his mushrooms and backdoor the enemies turrets!

Recommended Item Build
1) Madred's Razors (1000 g)
2) Vampiric Scepter(450 g)
3) Boots Of Swiftness(1050 g) 
4) Phage(1290 g) 
5) Zeal (1195 g)
6)Infinity Edge (4080 g)[At this point you should sell Madred's Razors as you dont need the chance on hit anymore.]
7) Phantom Dancer (3395 g)
8) The Bloodthirster (3200 g)

13,515g (if you sell Madred's Razors)

Why this item Build?

Madred's Razors-This is my first item because IMO it's the best jungleing item out there and it's cheap! with Vampiric Scepter when you hit those 500 hits your hp goes up so much, also the item works with double strike!( 2X500= 1000dmg)

Vampiric Scepter- As soon as i get this item i hit the jungle, with this you can take on any neutral creep and will barley lose any health and later levels won't lose any.

Boots Of Swiftness- I get the boots next because it helps with Yi's movement around the jungle and helps with ganking and running away.

Phage- I purely get Phage for the chance on hit slow because Yi has none of his own, it also has some nice survivability stats on it.

Zeal- Attack speed really helps with the life steal on neutrals and helps to own other champions, the extra movement speed is also nice, not to mention the lovely 10% crit!.

Infinity Edge- With the crit damage runes you'll be hitting like a truck with the 250% damage on critical strikes with this baby, with this item you should be 3-4 shotting caster champions and making tanks fear you with all your armor pen!.

Phantom Dancer- Finishing off the Zeal this gives some more attack speed and movement speed plus some dodge which is great for back dooring towers!

The Bloodthirster
- By the time you get this there’s not many more items you could get. With its +1 physical damage per kill you should be a force to be reckoned with!

Suggested Ability Guide
1) Q - Alpha Strike
2) E - Wuju Style
3) Q - Alpha Strike
4) E - Wuju Style
5) Q - Alpha Strike
6) R - Highlander
7) E - Wuju Style
8) E - Wuju Style
9) E - Wuju Style
10) Q - Alpha Strike
11) R - Highlander
12) Q - Alpha Strike
13) W - Meditate
14) W - Meditate
15) W - Meditate
16) R - Highlander
17) W - Meditate
18) W - Meditate

Why this build?
The idea of this build is to be able to head into the jungle as soon as you get your life steal item. By jungleing you’re giving another team mate a solo lane so you all level quicker. You will start to 3-4 shot enemy champions and be owning towers and inhibitors. Your main goal as Yi is to gank squishy champions and take down buildings.

How to Play

Early Game (levels 1-6)
:At the start of the game pick a lane and stick with it, try to last hit mobs and keep harassing with Alpha Strike, buy a long sword first and a health pot, don't worry about going back for mana only blue pill when you have enough gold for Madred's razors. I also like hideing in the bushes at the top or bottom lane close to the enemy tower with an ally. Normally the other team has the same idea so get there as fast as you can with an ally, let them know you have exhaust and that you want to gank them. usually if the enemy doesn’t have heal/flash you will kill them or force them to blue pill, but DONT GET YOURSELF KILLED! Keep harassing and last hitting in your lane until you reach 450g, blue pill back and get the life steal item.

Mid-Game (levels 7-13)
: Now it's time to head into the jungle, With the life steal item and the razors you shouldn’t be dropping in hp. By the time you are level 10 you should be able to solo lizards without losing health. Make sure you keep killing the dragon to help out your team with xp when ever it's up. Keep your eye on the minimap, when you see an ally hitting a tower go pop highlander and take it out with them, don't be afraid to jump into team fights and ganks by the time you have a Zeal you should be ripping other champions a new one, you are very squishy though so wait till the enemy use there abilities on a tank first.

Late Game (levels 14-18): This is where the ownage starts, by the time you have Infinity Edge you should be able to solo push towers and back door with Highlander with ease. Now your main goal is to get out of the forest and start pushing and helping in team fights. You should be 3-4 shotting squishy champions.

That's my guide for now, this guide works for me and normally get's me pub game wins. I'm not saying my way is the best way of playing Yi but it works for me and I thought I’d share it with the beta players. 
If you have any questions please message me in game or on the forums.

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