Tryndamere - The Barbarian King

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There was a legend among the barbarians clans of the Fyrone Flats, told each time one of their own was to give birth. It was a story about a child who would enter the world with a distinctive mark on his belly-a black circular rune, resembling a snake, coiled over on itself, biting at its tail.

It was said that when this child was born, it would signal the beginning of a new era. It was said that the barbarian tribes would rise up, and under the banner of a serpent-shaped rune, they would rule the world.

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When that child was born, the barbarian nations rejoiced. They feasted and drank and danced. And when they finished, they donned their skins, lifted their swords, and they flooded out of the flats to begin an onslaught that once again plunged the world into war.

The child, named Tryndamere, became a formidable warrior. And now, here at the Institute of War, he is prepared to unleash his barbaric strength and take his place atop the world.


Icon Ability Description
Bloodlust(Active) Tryndamere thirsts for battle, increasing his attack speed and movement speed. Each time he kills a unit, the duration is reset and the buff stacks.
Mighty Cleave(Active) Tryndamere swings his sword in an arc, dealing attack damage to nearby enemies and slowing them down for a duration.
Slash (Active) Tryndamere dashes toward a target location, dealing damage to all targets in his path.
Undying Rage(Active) Tryndamere becomes temporarily immune to death; any fatal damage reduces Tryndamere to absolute minimum health, but does not kill him. Also increases his critical strike chance more and more as his life gets lower and lower. Cannot be dispelled.
Battle Fury(Passive) Upon killing a minion, Tryndamere recovers health. Killing a Champion restores significantly more health.

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