Morgana - The Queen of Stun - by Black Mongoose

Howdy folks, I play Morgana quite a bit and I started off using Fruitstrikes guide to playing Morgana and it's a great guide that you should read if your intrested in playing her. Anyways I enjoyed playing like that and its fun but you really don't get much in the way of kills but your nearly impossible to kill with a shield up and some beefy hp/amour and an endless mana pool. So here is my take on playing Morgana with a much higher focus on AP and damage in general.

Table of Contents:

I. Pros and Cons

II:. Abilities

III:. Runes

IV:. Masteries

V:. Summoner Abilities

VI:. Ability Build 

VII:. Item Builds

IIX:. In-Game Strategy

IX:. Tips and Tricks

I: Pros and Cons
Pretty simple a basic list of what Morgana can and Can't do.

  • Amazing Laner / Tower pusher.
  • Impossible to kill 1v1.
  • Great combo attacks.
  • Save teamates or make them unstoppable.
  • Can set up great kills for your teamates.
  • Hard to get the last hit on a kill.
  • If shields down and you get ganked its over.
  • Sorta squishy if focused.
  • Proably more can't think of them though.

III: Abilities
Here is a great list of Morganas spell list and what each one of them does. None of that boring cooldown and mana cost stuff find that in one of the wikis.

Dark Binding:
  • Your basic stun spell. It a skill shot which means you have to actually aim it. It will keep going until it hits the cast range or an enemy minion or champion. It will go through towers, buildings, and scenery.

Tormented Soil:
  • This is your bread and butter spell. Your going to cast it on ever wave of minions you can once one pool can kill them(Level 5 usually). Only the very edge of the castable circle has to be in range so use that to your advantage when dealing with aggressive champions.

Black Shield:
  • An amazing spell that everyone your playing against hates and everyone on your team loves. Used right this can be the difference between winning a team battle or you surviving a 5v1 chase through the woods.

Soul Shackles:
  • Your ultimate and with such a low cooldown should always be ready for the next team battle. It's great early on for getting a combo kill with your lane partner or even solo and late game for being able to stun the entire enemy team and do some decent damage at the same time.

II: Runes

How are you going to set up that rune page to best help out...

Theirs two ways of going about this you can either go with HP runes or AP runes. Health runes are great for starting out and learning how to play Morgana since they help keep you alive longer early game or you can be a bit more squishy with an AP page and get that increase in damage. Either you go with scaling runes and start out somewhat low but a better gain over time or you get the early game bonus and make up for it with constant gold farming late game to get items as fast as possible.

IV: Masteries

This can always change based on how you want to play Morgana and what Summoner spells you take but here is my normal build.

Offense : 9 Points
  • 3/3 Archmages Savy
  • 1/3 Deadliness
  • 4/4 Sorcery
  • 1/1 Archaic Knowledge

Defense : 0 Points

Utility : 21 Points
  • 1/1 Spatial Accuracy
  • 3/3 Perseverance
  • 2(4)/4 Awareness
  • 4/4 Expanded Mind
  • 3/3 Meditation
  • 1(3)/3 Quickness
  • 3/3 Intelligence
  • 1/1 Mystical Vision
  • 1/1 Presence of the Master

Simple enough, the highlights of the build are 9% reduced cooldown, 15% Magic Penetration and Increased HP/Mana regen. You can swap out Mystical Vision for something else if you dont want Clairvoyance as a summoner spell and Awareness and Quickness are up to you if you want more speed or xp.

V: Summoner Abilities

I always take teleport because it's great early game when you can run out of mana before you get your regen items and late game because it helps prevent that one guy from taking down a tower while everyone is on the other side of the map and also for quickly healing/buying and getting back to the team battle before its over.

My second spell is Clairvoyance because its great for scouting whos in your lane at the beginning of the game or checking grass if you get there late. Also its amazing for an early game kill the enemy never saw coming, you would be surprised at the number of people I have killed because they go in the grass and think they are safe and the get stunned, soiled and hopefully killed by your lane partner before they even know what happened. It's also a useful tool for not losing that sneaky guy in the woods and also checking the woods for a possible gank.

VI: Ability Build

Start off with your Dark Binding(Q) spell its a great warning spell to keep enemy champions from getting too close to you and also some early griefing. Don't spam this early on though or you will run out of mana way too quickly.

Your next spell is going to be Shield(E) or Soil(W) depending on who your laning with and against. Magic users and characters that stun/silence/etc.. for kills should get a shield up first and then get your Soil to level 3. Inversely get the Soil at level 2 Shield at 3 and Soil again at 4 and 5.

At this point you should be level 5 so play until you get 6 get your ultimate and then level up soil to level 5. Always upgrade your ultimate when the upgrade appears and get Shield and Stun up to level 5 deciding on whether you need to be able to block more damage or give more.

VII: Item Builds

The items can vary in order and necessity but the first few are a good starting point to making sure you do well.
  1. Faerie Charm -> Tear of the Goddess
  2. Meki Pendant -> Fiendish Codex
  3. Sorcerers Shoes
  4. Blasting Wand -> Rod of Ages
  5. Blasting Wand -> Archangel's Staff
  6. Zhonya's Ring
  7. Frozen Heart

That should get you through most games, you can sacrifice some AP bonuses if you need to and get Frozen Heart earlier in the game while switching out Rod of Ages for something with AP and defense of whatever you need. Mejai's Soulstealer can also be a good item to get but since you don't get a lot of kills you need 14 assists to max out the unique ability and at that point your games going to be over.

IIX: In-Game Strategy

Early Game:
Play it safe. You can't do much damage but you can also keep everyone away from you. Move around and put yourself in spots where you can stun enemy champions. They don't like that and will back off thus preventing them from farming too much early game, also use soil to completely deny melee champions kills. Get a good lane partner another stunner is always fun and DPS characters are great as long as you can keep them alive too. Once you hit 6 you should be able to solo a weaker champion or tag team a tank or higher hp character. Use your stun soil combo to wear down their hp and kill them with a Stun-Soil-Ultimate combo and throw up your shield as you run away. If they do manage to survive and decide not to tele but stay near the tower for some xp line up a stun and soil and just run away(Don't forget stun goes through towers). The enemy champion will die and you won't even get hit by the tower.

Mid - Late Game:
Play it dangerously safe, your support so you shouldn't be trying to get in the middle of the battle but at the same time your great bait because you can run in get people to casts stuns on you, throw up your shield block them and pull them. If your in a team battle shield accordingly... DPS(if stunned or focused), Tank, Anyone whose in trouble including yourself. Your ultimate can be a battle changer not because of the damage it does but its ability to possibly stun every member of the team for a few seconds letting your teammates just pick them off as they watch hopelessly.

Outside of team battles lane as much as possible using soil to farm gold constantly but watch out for ganks once you get on the enemy side and are solo.

Escaping from battles is important too and usually really easy as long as you have your shield spell up. Cast it on yourself to get rid of slows and block possible stuns and spam your stun spell at the nearest champion to you and you will soon be rid of those guys. If your good on hp and running away with a teammate whose being focused cast your shield on him and share the love.

IX: Tips and Tricks

Grief the crap out of players with your Stun soil combo, its got a range where they can almost never retaialiate.

Save your shield for when you really need it. If you use it at the start of the battle you might not have it up to save your team mate from dying.

Learn to lead your stuns and figure out where they are going to be. It's the only way your going to catch that runner or get that early kill they werent expecting.

If someone is about to die to Gangplanks Ult shield them and they should survive. Alternatively use it to completely negate other champions Ult's like Ashe or Twitch.

Well that about sums it up thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your opinions on my build/guide/etc.. or if you think I forgot or left out something.

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