Dr. Mundo Guide - To Be a Doctor, You Need Patience- by neopong

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This guide is intended to play Dr. Mundo as an incredible tank and baiter.

Masteries: 0/21/9
Resistance 3/3
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Hardiness 3/3
Evasion 4/4
Defensive Mastery 2/2
Nimbleness 1/1
Harden Skin 3/3
Veterans Scars 4/4
Tenacity 1/1

Spatial Accuracy 1/1
Perserverance 3/3
Awareness 4/4
Greed 1/1

Red, Yellow, Blue and Quintesence Should all be HP/lvl runes

Summoner Spells:
This is a matter of preference but I go with Teleport and Ghost. Teleport makes sure you're always in the game and can be anywhere you want, while Ghost is used to get out of those bad situations. W Ability + Ghost + Your ultimate = Get away from most anything.

1) Q
2) E
3) Q
4) E
5) Q
6) R
7) Q
8) E
9) Q
10) E
11) R
12) E
13) W
14) W
15) W
16) R
17) W
18) W

Regrowth Pendant (Starting Item)
Warmogs (using starting Regrowth Pendant)
Mercury's Treads
Force of Nature (most of the time the game is done by this point)
Guardian Angel

Early Game:
Your job early game is just to be patient. Take your cleaver and harass champions with it and last hit minions when it's not possible to harass. You will widdle other champions down and have great survivability as your hp regen will be higher than anyone else in the game at the start due to your passive ability and item choice. Do not try to gank at this point, you just want to farm and get money/xp. Many times i find being patient will either get me the first kill due to people trying to stick around at low hp, or it will force them to get wayyyy behind on xp as they will have many trips home or have to fight at the tower which will take long periods to get to if you strictly last hit the minions (don't auto attack, only last hit!). When you have enough money to get your giants belt blue pill back and buy it, then teleport right back and start farming again until lvl 8'ish.

Mid Game:
So you've hit lvl 8 or 9 and if you last hit a bunch or got some kills you should have either your warmogs assembled or your pendant, giants belt, ruby crystal and boots of speed. At this point you can start roaming and ganking instead of full on farming. Your goal is strictly to slow people down with your cleaver that you're chasing and hitting squishys with your E ability to rapidly knock their socks off and force them into a paniced run, which they will not get away from unless they are saved by some disables or have flash. If you need to make sure you can keep up with them you can use your ultimate, but in general you want to use your ultimate when you're somewhere around 30% health and people start wailing on you. This will give you crazy amounts of hp regen (50% of you MAX HP in 12 seconds) and lots of move speed so you can weather a lot of focused fire while your team picks them apart as they desperately think they can kill you at low life... this is your main job, making the other team think they can kill you at low life when in fact you're not near dead... suckers! If you need to run pop ghost and do it now, however remember even when you're running cleavers thrown back at the enemy hurt and slow so try to remember to do that (easier said than done though).

End Game:
At this point you're just meat. You have your 2 Warmogs and Treads and hopefully your force of nature. You're sitting around 5k hp and lets try the math on your hp regen.

5K hp x .65% (force of nature + passive) = 32.5 hp/sec
2 Maxed Warmogs + force of nature static regen = 225 hp/5sec = 45 hp/sec
Champion at lvl 18 = 4 hp/sec

32.5 + 45 + 4 = 81.5 X 1.06 (from perserverance mastery) = 86.39hp/sec

You're either tanking a tower for your pushing team or baiting in a lane in hopes that they see a poor lonely Mundo farming a lane and he needs a gankin' (remember at this point to always keep on your W ability as it won't drain your life and with your mercury treads you will have an 80% reduction to time of stuns, fears, slows etc). They wail on you for that initial barrage to which you say ow but not enough to kill me with my 5k hp and awesome armor/magic resist. You're fairly low and you pop your ultimate like before and your friends join in. Then you laugh as they keep trying to kill you when you're regenerating an EXTRA 2500hp over 12 seconds (or when broken down 208 hp/sec on top of your 86.39... so close to 300 hp/sec).

Anyhow, this is how I play the Doctor and have found it to be really effective and have won many matches with it. Remember, all you need is some patience!

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