Sona-Maven of the strings

Sona is one of the best, if not the best, support Champ in League of legends, And i will show you how to bring the best out of this silent master of the strings 
Sona buffs the team and can control the lane from the start to near end game, even by herself.
Lets start with the basics
Hymn of  Valor- This spell hits two enemies when used, and likes to hit enemies champions more then the minions, after casting this spell Sona has a blue aura that gives Sona and nearby allies have a boost to attack and AP. this last till three seconds after you cast one of the other two, non ult, spells.
Aria of Perseverance- This spell heals Sona, and the ally most injured near her, after casting this spell Sona has a green aura that gives Sona and near by allies a boost to armour and magic resist, this last till three seconds after you cast one of the other two, non ult, spells.
 Song of Celerity- This spell speeds up Sona and all near by allies for a short while, after casting this spell Sona has a purple aura that gives Sona and near by allies a small boost to speed, this last till three seconds after you cast one of the other two, non ult, spells.
Crescendo- This is Sonas ultimate spell, this spell is a skill shot that makes all enemies caught in it dance (its a strong stun) while taking damage over time
Power Chord-(Sonas passive) after casting three non ult spells, Sonas next normal attack does alot more damage then normal
As for Runes I go all mana regen, or my fav, Marks of mana per lvl, Seals of mana regen per lvl, Glyphs of AP per lvl, and Quintessences of mana regen per lvl
As for Masteries I go 9-2-19, going to Archaic Knowledge in Offense, and up to Intelligence in Utility while taking advance port and  advance clarity
As for Summoner spells I like teleport and clarity, but heal, flash, ghost, and cleanse are all also good for Sona
Always take Hymn of Valor, cast it before you you buy a mana item,(cast again after buying and a 3rd time as you run, or as I do port to lane, yes I port to lane Ill tell you later why, this lets you have Power cord ready while you have all your mana back by the time the fight starts) I go with a faerie charm, now wait a min, I know its not the best, and you may think im crazy, but Sona can stay in a lane and work up alot of gold before ever needing to go to base as long as she gets her mana back, but wait, there are better mana regen items that you can start with? yes but not good to start a build with, Faerie charm can build into Shurelya's Reverie, this should be the first item you get, why? because with Sonas Song of Celerity and the speed bost for Shurelya's Reverie your allies can chase down even the fastest enemies
I port to the last tower in a lane, and hide in the grass nearest the enemies lane, when the enemy come near i hit them with power chord and Hymn of  Valor, this hits any Champ hard, and most will run away then and there, but you should start running back to your tower in case they do want to attack you in the grass, if they DO start to run stay in that grass, if not hide in your towers grass about half way and hit them with Hymn of Valor if they come in your grass (Sonas Hymn of Valor, and even her normal attack have a long range so you can do all this easily) let you ally take any minions as you hit the enemies from the grass with Hymn of Valor, This is great to keep there health low, and they will get little gold, and will start to fear you ;) . Once Lvl six start checking the other lanes when you see a enemy push past that lanes minions,as a port (to a minion, or teemo mushroom...etc... behind the enemy), ult stun, Power Chord, and a Hymn of Valor will bring almost any Champ to their knees.
Soloing  in top or bot lane is the same, and still really easy, but mid solo? that way harder, but Hymn of Valor can still hit for some good damage, and you can get to lvl 6 quick so its not to bad, but you want to heal yourself more then normal, and change the build, get boots first, and just stay in lane longer the your enemy, and dont port there, that way you can heal and get back fast, and wait till you can do it again so you get more gold and XP the you enemy
Try to stay near your allies as much as you can, as Sona shines in team fights, and If your chaseing some one through the jungle always stay on the other side of the wall while the speed bost is on, as it will still speed up your allies, while you can cut off the enemy and with Shurelya's Reverie, Song of Celerity, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity (this should be the 2nd item you get) you can cut any enemy off   >:)
The build I work for in any GG, when the other team have a good well built team is 1. Shurelya's Reverie   2. Ionian Boots of Lucidity   3. Frozen Heart    4. Rylai's Crystal Scepter   5. Abyssal Scepter  6. Guardian Angel     remember Sona is support, and gear that hits not only her but allies, and enemies work the best, high armour is better then AP cuz the other team will want YOU dead, and with this build you WILL stay alive for a long time while you heal, and stun, and attack, and speed the way to a win, BUT this build is not good in all fights (DUH) and it will fall on how well you have been playing, or if they other team is dumb and picks all DPS or some thing, try getting more armour, I had 1 such game when I first started LoL, I was playing Annie and had 3, yes 3, frozen hearts, and took out a full health Master Yi 1vs1 as I took almost no damage from his 25% (3 frozen heart took away 75% of his attack speed) attack and my high armour
Good stuff to know, I have stolen Baron as Sona, I found 3 fighting Baron, Killed two that had low HP, and Cho was left with almost full HP, while Baron was almost dead, I stuned him whith Ult (and baron) and took baron while my team showed up and killed Cho.
Remeber that sometime its better not to heal right away, if you can draw a enemy back to "finish" your ally only to get stuned, or heal him/her at the last second, can get your team a easy kill.
Port to base(or just port over there, Its ok as long as you not seen teleporting), only to show up on the other side of the field with teleport on a vison ward, or teemo mushroom a sec later can save allies, and kill enemies
And one game I was Decoying and Nunu with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter  came out of no were and was very slowly taking my HP's away, I was healing, and hurting him, but I would have died in about 15 secs (had to much armour but there was no way I could kill him) so I just teleported away to a minion on the other side of the map (yes this works even if you get hit while doing so)
While your stun can hit all of the other team, I like to hit one when we cen kill that one then and there, REMEMBER a team fight is ALWAYS easier 5vs4, and dont worry if your team yells at you for hitting only one ;) trust me, cuz most of the time when I hit all five you and most of your team is dead.
And clarity is good for any Mage, but most will use it them Sec they need the mana, but you can trick the other team into a full attack (like early game) when they think you out of mana for so long, then use clarity, and win :p
Sona IS a support champ, and will not get to many kills ( one of my best games was 10/7/27, my team lost -_-  ) BUT with all the speed she can have with this build and her spell, Song of Celerity, dont be scared to chase down them last few, very low health, enemies trying to get way.
 WHEN at base make sure you have Power Chord ready before you leave, and if you are running back to lane have  Song of Celerity on, however, if you teleport
back to your, or ally lane you will gank-support-or hold, have Hymn of Valor on 
In most cases take 1 lvl in Hymn of Valor at lvl 1, and 1 lvl in  Song of Celerity at lvl 3, with the rest going into Aria of Perseverance (other then when you can up your ult) but if the enemies is scared of you, and you have been hitting them hard you may want Hymn of Valor more, or speed if you have been chased alot, or have been chasing a lot

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