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This is my build and how i play it. Heimerdinger is great but you need a team that believes in his power for him to work. Faith is lacking, but hopefully after reading this better heimers will emerge and teams will start to respect and work with him.

Ill start with all the out of game stuff first. Preparation is the key to success with Heimer!

Masteries - 17/0/13 Improved rally is key. This will allow you to keep your turrets alive and get golem buff early.
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Summoner Spells - Rally/Promote

-Rally will enable you to get golem buff, heal your turrets, help out durring team fights, heal your promoted minion, do more damage... its the best summoner spell for Heimer. Period.

- Promote This is more than an incredably strong minion. This will allow you to take down turrets from full health, Increase your party's/turret's defence, and push empty lanes.

- Runes - AP -> more damage nuff said.

- Items - Archangles Staff > Aegis > Boots of Mobility > AP>Cooldowns>Defence

You will be hurting for mana, Archangles staff will fix this.
Aegis effects your turrets, your party, and yourself. Get it.
I get the mobility boots because if i have to leave my turrets. I want to get back to them before they are dead.

- Mindset - You must be patient, You must be safe. Heimer isn't a "i go around and kill people hero." 

- General Advice/Tips

When promote/repair is up you can take down an enemy turret extremely fast by promoting a friendly unit, waiting until that unit takes turret fire, then walking into turret range and putting down an upgraded turret.

Golem buff is amazing on Heimer, get it early (at level 6 with rally it's easily done solo), get it often

If someone gets in range of your turrets, stun them with a concussion grenade.

you can't gank, don't try.

Turrets don't do much unless you have 3+ down

Do not push lanes solo. Heimer is more of a stationary character, you need your turrets/allies to survive. you should never be that far from allies or a large group of turrets.

- The Start of teh Game!

Get yourself a mana crystal (ingredient in archangles staff), TAKE A SIDE LANE. Heimer doesn't need riddiculous amounts of gold you'll get plenty on top or bottom. You're not going to help your team by starving ashe, and more than likely there's an ashe in the middle lane and your going to be sitting at your turret anyways. 

- Picking Your lane Partner -

Your partner should be ranged. It's much easier to keep your turrets alive if you have a ranged partner. And you will gold-starve melee chars.

- In The Lane - 

Try to get there as fast as possible, like super fast, no screwing around. Get there first and plop your first 2 turrets down. place them behind the center point of the lane so that your minions will be slightly in front of your turrets when the minions spawn. The overall goal in your lane is to keep your turrets alive, and push the enemy to their turret, while last-hitting as many minions as possible. 

Take ample care when placing new turrets if you place a single turret and it gets targeted first by minions. it's going to die. Use your grenades very sparingly (Heimer is tough on mana). you must try as hard as possible to contain them at their turret with your own turrets.

Do not try to rush the contain. You should be able to establish it sometime around level 5. Don't just throw single turrets in front of their turret and expect them to live. Your turrets must be leap-frogged slowly inching your way to slightly out of their turret range (not right at the edge... but close). You can use your first promote to help set up this contain. This contain is very important for your wallet, and to cut your enemies funding.

Once you and your buddy have pushed them to their turret. Sit back, take it easy if you got this contain off very early you'll have mana to harass with grenades. Just try to keep your turrets alive by hitting or stunning any champ that tries to touch them. 

If you're over level 6 and either havn't got your contain up, or are pretty confident it will hold. Now would be a good time to get your blue buff. To Kill the golem hit him, throw your rally down and AFTER he hits you throw a turret down and upgrade it. Your turret will take the golem down pretty quick. If your contain has suffered because of the time killing golem takes... you'll get your contain back in no time with the buff.

- Mid/Late Game -

Your goal Mid/Late game is the same as in your lane. To set up turrets in offensive positions. 

This is where it is up to your team if you're going to be useful or not. When teams start going around in groups of five. You'll need your allies help to set up a healthy batch of turrets in offensive positions. 

Your turrets are almost useless in 1s or 2s at this point. And if your group keeps switching lanes or running through the jungle. You will have no value at this point. Whine and leave the game.

If your group is a Heimer friendly group. they will push the enemy back to their turrets.
while your group is pushing lob grenades and fire missles to do some dps and set up turrets IN BUNCHES behind them. don't line up single turrets 50 feet apart, walk back down the lane, and put more to defend your allies in the event that they need to retreat. When you've all pushed the enemy to their turret, you can work on setting up and maintaining a contain. 

Now is where a few differant things can happen. 

1. Your group stays with you and your turrets patiently waiting for the enemy to foolishly attack.

2. Your group leaves you sitting at your turrets, and you die and/or lose your contain.

3. The enemy splits up and you + your group overwhelm them.

4. The enemy foolishly attacks and wipes.

5. You wait a very long time and slowely wittle down their turret with grenades.

It is extremely frustrating for me when my group doesn't patiently wait for them to attack or split up. It makes your character useless and is a strategicly retarded decision.

End Notes

I see lots of Heimers setting traps in the jungle and I advise you not to do this. It takes too long and doesn't gain you any real positioning.

If your group doesn't like to stay in single lanes late game your best option is to go around all your friendly outter-most turrets and set up fully upgraded Heimer turrets near them, and do what you can to help your allies with grenades and missiles.

First attempt at a guide, feedback would be nice. I spent too long writing this And i feel like its missing something still. Good luck Heimering!

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