Xin Zhao - The Nerfed Seneschal by Nekir

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Xin Zhao - The Seneschel of Demancia

 A basic 21 - 9 - 0 build is what I use.
I put 3 points in Deadliness, 1 in Cripple, 4 in sorcery, 4 in Alacrity, 1 in Archaic Knowledge, 1 in Burning Embers, 3 in sunder, 3 in Lethality, and 1 in Havoc.
Then in the Defense tree: 2 in Resistance, 2 in Hardiness, 4 in Evasion, and 1 in Nimbleness.

Quin: 2 Quintessences of Desolation, 1 Quintessence of Malice
Marks: All (Greater) Marks of Desolation
Seals: All (Greater) Seals of Malice
Glyphs: All (Greater) Glyphs of Malice

That makes 8.2% Crit and 25 Armor Pen.

- Three Talon Strike (Q)
- Battle Cry (W)
- Audacious Charge (E)
- Crescent Sweep (R)

Skill Order:  (to level 10, the rest you do :)
1. Q or E
2. Q or E (whatever you didn't pick first)
3. W
4. E
5. Q
6. R
7. W
8. Q
9. E
10. R

Item Order:  (two different builds I have used successfully)

Long Sword and  Health Potion -> Phage -> Merc Treads -> Vamp Scepter -> Last Whisper ->
Stark's Fervor (this before or after last whisper, you chose) -> Frozen Mallet


Phage -> Lifesteal -> Boots of Mobility -> The Bloodthirster -> Last Whisper -> Guinsoo's and then finally Infinity Edge.

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