Anivia AP & Tank (Not a how to play for newbies) - by Sintobus

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Anivia - The Snare Nuker

A lot of people complain about Anivia and her spells because they do not understand how they work together or the range she has around her.

As a nuke happy Anivia your still mp dependent as with any of her builds however this calls for far less use of her ult-[Glacial Storm]. Since Lich Bane is a must item for any rapid casting AP heroes I hope I don't need to point out the power which is can hold.

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Item(s) in order:

Starting out the match you get a few choices on how your long term AP build will be so most are interchangable ofcorse its up to your play style. However here is mine below.

Start of the match:
Level 1 - Meki Pendant & 2 hp pots
(I know most people almost everyone I have seen grabs a Doran's ring however imo that is a setback to the overall costly AP build Anivia will use.)

When you reach around 1600 gold its time to grab a few items. By now you should be around level 4-6 depending on how many last hits/solo lane or not.

Item(s) by around level 6

Meki Pendant --> Chalice of Harmony
(Believe it or not this along with Golem buff later in the game allows for near infinite Glacial storm. However on another note that is not the main point for us getting it on AP nuker Anivia. We always need mana to make use of our Lich Bane!)

If your solo or getting plenty of last hits don't read this next part you won't care.

If you in lane with someone who either needs last hits or is stealing them then I suggest a Philosopher's Stone-[Philo Stone]. It will long game allow you to sell with profit and help ease the burden of any double team harassment/mp usage you have.
However if you feel you do not want/need a Philo stone then I suggest to go ahead with the next part of this.

If your against a carry team or perhaps a no snare team then go ahead with the 
Sorcerer's Shoes.
If you are worried about stun's slows or other unwanted effects I more then not opt for 
Mercury's Treads
On a large number of heroes the +15 magic armor pen from Sorc's Shoes is amazing due to a lot of heroes capping out at +30 magic res. Late game however it really wont matter much if you have them or not so I stick with Merc Treads for survivability due to being a slightly squishy mage still.

Item(s) by around level 13

You will likely buy these items prior or around this level however it seems silly to go level by level when any huge number of things could happen.

Rod of Ages!!! 
(This items is needed soon after your first 2/3 items. The sooner the better because it takes 15 minutes for RoA-[Rod of Ages] to build up to full.)
(This is needed for your Lich Bane later on and is handy to have mid game for AP Anivia. However she is not exactly bashing anyone with her auto attack yet.)
Archangel's Staff
(This item comes after RoA for two reasons one being RoA takes time to build up. The second being that it will only make the AAS-[Archangel's Staff] more powerful by the time you can afford it probably closer to 15-16)

Item(s) by around level 16

Alright by this point you should either of bought or soon be buying your AAS. I hope its clear what comes next but I will spell it out anyway.

Lich Bane:
(Finally right? We have a lich bane rather late into the game don't cha think? Well due to its cost and effectivness its more powerful to have it come in late also imo lot more devastating. People by this point as most do even on tank Anivia underestimate her damage.)

It is pretty simple at this point you know? 
  • Pick a target
  • Flash Frost
  • Auto attack
  • Frostbite
  • Auto attack
  • Glacial Storm &or Crystallize(wall)
  • Auto attack
  • Repeat
Basically cast a spell auto attack your target cast another and repeat. Not much to AP builds in terms of play since I believe Anivia is already really easy to understand once you stop thinking her basic attack prior to sheen/Lich bane actually do damage worth mentioning.

Anivia - The Endless Rebirth

Alright I will keep this simple and quick since its almost 8 am now and I feel rather lazy already. This guide basicly gives Anivia the battle equivalent of about 20k hp. That is after reasoning average team damage vs her armor and actual 3.5k+ hp.

Chalice of Harmony (2xRodOfAges+Golem Buff = Inf ult anyone?)
Mercury's Treads (Less downtime from stuns/slows/silence and more magic res++)
Rod of Ages (We need lots of HP to be a tank and the mp/ap help to)
Rod of Ages (You need two of these before anything because they need time to build up)
Guardian Angel (Sure we have an egg but this will activate first so long as its up)
Frozen Heart (Lots of armor and the negative enemy aura + the cd reductions are nice)

You can sell Mercury's treads for one of two things.
Either Banshee's Veil 
(because you do get hit by nukes/stuns a lot first)
Force of Nature
(either way you get magic res+ but with this you get nice Hp Regen and a lil move speed back.)

This will land you with something like this:

Anivia Tank Stats Average:

80% Physical Damage Reduction
70% Magic Damage Reduction

Then look into the 50% hp res from GA-[Guardian Angel]
As well think about her egg after all of that is gone.

I know it sounds dumb to have her as a mage tank. However if you can take the blow and be an egg by the time their team is dead its well worth it to be back 6 seconds later.
I also promise you no more annoying Anivia build to actually kill. 

Just keep them attacking you and your team will be fine!

ALSO a little rant to the community at 8 am

I am highly disappointed in the LoL community for claiming Anivia is an unbalanced character. For those who complain about flash frost a .75 second stun is not really a stun. For those who complain about ice wall it is extremely buggy and half the time people can simply walk through it so yes it needs fixing in more ways than one. For those who complain about her egg, there is no problem with it since you do not have to attack the egg at all within the 6 seconds she is trapped inside of it. To many teams waste time attacking her egg. They end up being chewed out by the other teammates Anivia has near by whom are all more often than not almost dead.

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