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Some champions have the ability to become invisible. Invisible units can do not appear until they have attacked, or the duration of their invisibility effect expires. Using an ability that will cause a champion to become invisible is preceded by period called a "fade time", during which the champion appears partially transparent, but is still visible to enemies.

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During this fade time, any damage taken by the champion delays becoming invisible for a short period of time. No matter how many time a champion is hit, however, the fade time on invisibility cannot exceed five seconds.

Invisibility detection: There are various ways for a champion to gain the ability to see invisibility. A champion with this ability will see invisible enemy units as partially translucent. When a revealed invisible unit leaves the revealed area that unit does not experience a fade time; the unit immediately turns invisible again. The following is a list of possible ways to detect invisible Champions:

  • Vision Wards: Vision Wards can be purchased at the item shop. When placed on the ground these stationary wards reveal an area of the map for three minutes. Any invisible enemy units who move through their vision radius during this time will be revealed.
  • Oracle’s Elixir: A consumable potion available at the item shop that grants invisibility detection to a champion until death. Any invisible enemies enter this champion's vision range while this potion is active will appear be revealed.
  • Weeds or Grass: When you command your Champion to walk into the grass thats the best hiding spot you can find. As you are in the grass, the only people that can see you are yourself and your teamates, other than that, you are 100% invisibile to your enemies. Until you come out of the Weeds or Grass you can not be seen the whole time you are standing in it. Even if you Champion is taller than the grass, they still cant see you! ''Sweet huh?'' Maybe you should try it and see how you like it, maybe even get more kills by sneaking up on your enemies when they least expect it!

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