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Archmages Savvy - 0.60AP per level
Cripple - Buffs Exhaust
Sorcery - 3% CD reduction

Menders's Faith - Increases Heal

Perseverance - 4% total health and mana regain
Good Hands - 10% reduced death time
Expanded Mind - 5% maximum mana
Meditation - Increases Mana regain
Quickness - Increased speed by 3%
Intelligence - 6% CD reduction
Presence Of The Master - 15% off summoner ability cooldowns

Summoner Abilties

Skills to increase when you can

Astral Blessing
Infuse x4
Astral Blessing x4

If the other team is being aggressive in your lane you will want to take two levels of Infuse and Astral Blessing after learning starfall at level one. This will help you stay alive at the start along with keep your lane partner alive. So if they are aggressive you learn SF>IF>AB>IF>AB>Wish then back to the normal rotation.

*Tear of the Goddess/Archangel's Staff*
Boots of Mobility
Rod of Ages
**Banshees Veil**
Rylai's Scepter
Zhonya's Ring
*At the moment I only get tear of the goddess as the AP addition is not that great for my level. Once I get more mana runes the AP gain will be worth getting the item but at my level it is not worth the cost.*

** I only get Banshees veil when I am against Ashe. I have come to find out that Ashes ult really loves Soraka. You can get the veil for many reasons but I really dislike putting off rod of ages so I only get it when I am against Ashe**This does not mean only buy it because of Ashe...if you need some magic res in general and have a person/s that would be best to av

I get the scepter because I have come to find out the health and AP that comes with the slow is just to good to pass up with starfalls damage and unlimited number of people it can hit is just awesome. I have got many kills and assists with the slow added to starfall.

End-Game Item/s
If you do not get the veil then its up to you on what to get if your game goes on long enough to finish all the items. Guardian Angel is a great item to get if you happen to be getting killed by melee. Though really you shouldnt this late in-game because you should be near your team...but if there is a warwick or someone that always targets you then runs off after you die get the armor.

If your game gives you no reason to get Banshees veil so you pass it up thats fine. But if there are annoying casters in your game the item is always worth getting especially if you are against Veigar because his ultimate will ruin you.

Mana per level
cooldown reduction

.9 cd/18
.65 cd/static
25.56x7= 178.92




Level 30 AP/Mana
Did some adding and with the way I am going to make my runes you will have 3,678 mana at level 18. With the expanded mind mastery you will have 3,862 mana. So the Staff will give you 77 AP..and for those that care this means Veigar will now do a total of 1,366 damage to you from his ultimate and this does not count his AP ratio.

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