Mundo - How did u kill me so fast!??!??! - by ObjectiveTruth

The gadget you added is not valid
Okay, so Mundo has been probably my favorite character since i started playing in Nov.

I've seen many builds and played alot of games. I'm a lvl 30 summoner with 300 wins under my belt so i thought i'd make a guide since the recent 
executioner's calling nerf made Mundo much more viable than before and ive got people often saying 
The gadget you added is not valid

"WTF? i got killed by Mundo?!?!?! How did you kill me so fast!?!?!??" (true story)

I will say this once and for all, 
MUNDO is NOT a TANK. Don't build him as such.

His role as I see it and as i've built him, is to break the enemy line and start pummeling the nice chewy squishy center of their team causing havoc and dissaray and Mundo as everyone knows, "Will go whever he pleases!"

Skills order:
Burning Agony
Sadism (only 1 point!)
Max Cleaver and Masochism. 

Only 1 point is required in Burning Agony to make it useful at the start. What you want more than anything is the CC reduction and being able to farm a bit helps, but the other skills are much more useful as you lvl them. 

Also, ONLY one point in sadism, adding lvls only increases your move speed by 10% each time. Definately not worth it since the healing rate is the same. Better to up your other skills.

Skill Usage:
Infected Cleaver
-This is your bread and butter skill at the start. Use it to scout the bushes! Throw some cleavers in there and if you hear a "splash" noise then you know there's someone there. Keep throwing it until they move and you hear a "swish" noise with the cleaver then you know its clear. Otherwise just spam it at the enemy. Also, you'll notice that the cleaver can travel like 1 champion length further than the reticle shows.

Burning Agony:
I suggest only getting 1 point in this at the start because you want the CC reduction. If you're running away always have it on. If they slow you or stun you, it wil be reduced by 40% which is pretty amazing since you will be buying merc treads soon which is multiplicative. 

Also, acording to RIOT, to gain the effect you must have it on at the point where the effect is applied


My favorite gem of a skill. This is the best kept secret about Mundo. Whenever you hit an enemy make sure its active. It does unbeliavle dmg for very little life cost. Use it to last hit minions too.


All i can say is USE it whenever you are low on life. One of the most rookie mistakes ive seen is people waiting for someone to attack ot activate it. Why not just be full life all the time?

Coming soon...

Item Build:
A) Rejuvenation Beads + 3 x pots
B) Boots of Speed => G) Berzerker Greaves or Mercury Treads
C) Zeal => D) Phantom Dancers
E) Vampric Scepter => F) Emblem of Valor
H) Zeal => I) Phantom Dancers

I know what you're thinking: wtf? rejuv beads? 
I've found that this and 3 health pots is plenty health for the early game. 

TIP: If you're lvl 5 and toying with the idea of tower diving/going in for the kill and are low on life. PLEASE just wait for 6 to get your life up. I've died many times as 5 and though, gee that was stupid, why didn't i wait for 6 to then attack.

Now, you need to start working on zeal asap. There's no need to get lvl 2 boots right away since phantom dancers will give you the extra movement speed. However, once you do get boots, you need to decide on mercury treads or berzerker greaves. If the enemy is heavy stun, then grab the treads. If you see them having only 1 or 2 stuns then grab the greaves to up your dmg potential.

Merc treads is essentially to stack with your burning agony. Nobody will be able to catch you if you have this combo going. Also, i only recommend getting the life steal items near the end of the build simply because one you get phantom dancers you'll be doing 360-400 dmg per crit shot (pretty much every attack) and you'll be attacking insanely fast. At the early game, your sadism should suffice in a team fight.

Thank you iFred for doing some extra testing and suggesting the above item build!

Summoner Skills:
Cleanse and Exhaust.

Dont't argue it works. 
Cleanse will make sure you realy are "immune to stuns/slows/snares" and will allow you to break the line and get to the squishies in the back.
Also it works amazing when the enemy exhausts or teemo blinds you at the start of a team fight.

I suggest Exhaust because like all melee DPSers you will want to target their carries. Iv'e found that alot of times its an ashe or a teemo. They have range and can start hitting yo before you hit them and its annoying as heck trying to catch an ashe that is slowing you, with exhaust you will have 2 seconds of them missing to be able to get in their face.

Other summoner spells:
Teleport can be useful with mundo because he does so much dmg and can down minions faster than anyone but sivir. This allows you to get to a creep wave quickly, and push a tower. then run before the enemy has had a time to realize you were there.

Heal can be useful in team fights or just to get that little bit of extra health for the tower dive. I personaly am not a fan simply because mundo has so much regen and the loss of exhaust or cleanse would just not jive with my style. Still for some it gives good survivability which can be an issue at times with this build.

For this build, i highly suggest the following:
Red: Crit Chance
Yellow: Dodge
Purple: CD reduction (Flat)
Quints: Crit Chance
The gadget you added is not valid

Now i know everyone will say that crit chance is garbage and armor pen is king. I say nay!
I've found that at lvl 2 you can 2-3 shot most casters with crits and masochism on. Now this may not seem like much, but that means if you can widdle them down to 50% with cleaver, then 1-2 shots will kill them. With this rune build and the proper masteries you're sitting at 20% chance to crit. Which is pretty darn high at lvl 1

True story, i once 2 shotted a twich at lvl 2 and he went beserk over chat saying i was hacking or had some amazing rune page with dmg. Beleive me its a good feeling to kill someone in 2 hits. It really sets the tone for the rest of the game.

Early Game:
Okay, i've covered quite a bit above but essentially you want to control the bushes in your lane. Spam cleaver like nuts. Your rejuv beads will take care of your health regen and the health pots will stop the rest. 

The biggest challenege of course if someone is wise is they will hide within the creeps so that you can't hit them with cleaver. That's fine. if they're squishies just go to the front lines, and start hitting minions, then every so often run up with masochism on and hit them. If one of thoes is a crit they will run. I would too if i lost 1/3 of my life with one hit from mundo.

Mid Game:
At this point you may have slain an enemy or 2 and doing pretty well.

If you're feeling daring and you know where the enemy is you can solo the dragon at lvl 6 if you have full life and hit your sadism when your'e about 20% life.

Otherwise i would recommend only going to town when you have enogh for boots and zeal. Since you have a sadism every 60 seconds this gives you amazing laning potential.

Late game:
I would consider this the point where you have your first phantom dancers. Here the point is to break that line and get to the squishies. Also if you have exhaust up make sure to use it right away on their physical carry even if they are not your target. This will help inmensly in a team fight. 

Make sure you a ryze, a teemo, an ashe. anyone soft and chewy and watch as you take them down in 4 seconds flat.

I hope this helps anyone trying to use Mundo. I've used so many builds and this has been hands down the best i've found. I remember a post in the general forum a couple weeks ago where Riot came out and said that Mundo was never meant to be a tank, he's suppose to be a physical dps that can get out of CC easily. I think this build plays to his strengths. 

Also, please fof the love of god don't buy warmog's armor. Honestly its a waste of money in MOST games. You need about 120 minion kills to fill it. Check your history, you'll see that after a 45 minute game most people don't even get 120 minion kills. Imagine, you get it at the 18 minute mark, there's no way you'll filling it and if you don't it becomes a big waste of money. An unfilled Warmogs is one of the most inefficient items in the game for health. You could buy 3 giants belts for the same price and it would equal, 1350 life, almost doulbe what a fresh warmogs gives you.

I've been convinced that this item can be good for certain champions but not for this build.

Edit: Thanks 
GG Chrono for pointing out sadism gives 10% per level

Edit: Thanks
 iFred for the extra phantom dancers testing and suggesting the item build above!

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