How to effectively turn a game around - by Morteth

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So one thing I've noticed about this game is that by the time all lanes have been pushed in and the only towers that are remaining lie in the base, people start ****ting themselves and will just /surrender without putting any lack of effort into this game. Now, I've been playing this game since September and recently got back into it after about two months of inactivity and back then it wasn't as common to find people just throwing in the towel as I do now!
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It's absurd how many teams will just rather surrender than learn from their mistakes and possibly learn an invaluable skill in this game. That skill being, how to turn the tide of a match.

This is directed mainly at the PUG players. It isn't too clear to me if this can be placed into effect with a group of mid-high elo players but if it does, awesome. 

Now I'm not the best player, but I do know how to assess a situation and find an effective route to take during most games. In the case where your enemy are all level 18 and you find yourself dead, at level 14 and with all your towers dead except your base towers, you have to ask yourself: "How can we counter this?"

Dying is basically the one thing you want to AVOID at all costs. Many of the people who do /surrender are the ones who are DYING at this stage of the game. The reason for not wanting to die is simple. You will be dead for about 30-40 seconds; That gives the enemy ample time to focus and take down two towers and maybe inhibs.

What you want to DO though in order to counter this is. Always show up wherever they are. If they are at middle lane contemplating to take your middle base tower, have all of your group show up. Stare them down. Do NOT attack them. Having one smart ass jump into their group will only make the fight a 4v5. You always want your whole team up and ready. The fact that they are in-fact going to have to go through a bunch of your creeps, you AND a tower is pretty daunting even for a level 18 group. If they are smart, they will wait for you to make the first move and they will play counter-actively.

At this point, they'll probably want their Master Yi or Warwick or whomever is a crazy atk speed champ to start looking for other towers to munch on while their whole group basically distracts you up at the middle. 
Don't let it happen. Have one of your tanks or possibly someone with CC to go to the lane that Yi or whomever shows up in and give them a stand off too. Chances are, they will run straight into the tower and expect you to just watch in horror. This is the part where you DON'T do that. Attack him and get him hurting, and the moment you suspect that he will leave, put that CC right on him. Use your exhaust and everything you possibly have. In the best case scenario, he would have died from the tower. In the worst case, you would not of killed him if he had a heal or cleanse. It doesn't matter. You defended your tower and essentially did your job flawlessly. 

Here's where it starts turning. Your second goal will shortly make itself apparent for you.

Level up
At one point or another, you will notice that 3-4 of their team is in fact dead if you play your cards right and do not have an afker or a ****** who wants to save the day by himself. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TIME and level the **** up. Jungle, creeps... Any way possible. Do not go out into the middle of the map for your creeps, but DO have atl east some effort on leveling. It will probably take them a minute or two to re-organize and rendezvous back at mid or at your base. During which you could have your priority characters level up. Priority would obviously be champs with either distinctive advantages vs. groups (amumu with his ult or nunu) or champs who will effectively capitalize on one of their mistakes (Sion for his stun in the event the enemy drives too close, or Tyrn for his massive killing power).

By the next encounter with the team, you should be EASILY atleast one to two levels above your previous encounter. And ready to mess them up. 

One last thing: Take the time to inform your team of your decisions. Chances are, nobody is making an effort into communicating with them. Change that. They will feel a better presence of unity and will follow directions. If you give them sound and reasonable tasks, they will most likely listen and that organization can in fact win you the game. Having a leader really makes people respond. Be a gentle yet confident leader. Don't ***** them out. Teach them. Show them through example. Do not be some crazy, pissed off teenager. Make them feel like the person who is telling them what to do actually knows a thing or to, and won't get mad if something goes wrong. I mean... the worst that can happen is you lose a game. 

TL;DR: In a situation where you are pushed back so far that you are out-leveled and stuck in your base with the enemy ready to eat you up for breakfast.

Do not die.

At every reasonable opportunity, level.

There will be times where you win with this strategy. Other times where you will lose. In any situation though, you have learned. And hopefully you are prepared for the next game. You will be better and soon enough this situation will not arise any more. If you play with PUGs though, expect it. That's not to say that some PUGs aren't good. Just be prepared. Always.

I hope I served this community well. All your guides are wonderful and this is quite possibly one of the best gaming communities I've experienced. I hope to see it continue this way for a very long time

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