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Hello, everyone. I have been playing Sion for a couple of months now and for a week or so have been trying out AP Sion because of the new shield change. I love it. I play a very aggressive style, so I build that way. Many people say that AP Sion is not good in a top tier level, and It may go either way, but me and a friend are going to test this soon and find out. Hi Buddy, you know who you are. <3(Stop going into games as I tell you my secrets fag). Anywho~ after many a testing, I have decided that my builds so far are great, and that I do greatly enjoy it so far. The runes are still a bit on the ehh side, but I enjoy it anyway. Welcome, to my guide of my Suicidal Sion.

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This is my first guide, so bear with me. 


Runes are quite a nifty feature in this game, and I am having a bit of trouble deciding what my rune build will be. So I have decided that what I am going to do is get 6 .90% CD reduction at 18 and one 65 and one yellow .29 for like 6.1% extra CD reduction. I will try to get the blue rune every game to keep up max. The rest I am still debating whether straight up mana, mana at 18, or ap.


My mastery is 9/0/21 for Cool Down reduction and offensively defensive maneuvers.

Offensive (9)
Archmage's Savvy (3/3)
Deadliness (1/3) (If you like to use Exhaust or Smite, put it in there).
Sorcery (4/4)
Archaic Knowledge (1/1) (Our shield and stun count as magical abilities, so magic pen is nice, if you use ignite, go ahead and take it).

Perseverance (3/3) (Did they spell that wrong on the Masteries page lol)?
Haste (1/1) (I use Ghost, go ahead and take Spatial if you use Teleport).
Expanded Mind (4/4)
Meditation (3/3)
Utility Master (2/2)
Quickness (3/3) (You shall see why).
Blink of an Eye (1/1) (<3 Flash).
Intelligence (3/3)
Presence of the Master (1/1)

9% Cool Down reduction plus our already made 25.28% is 34.28% (All estimating I do not know red and yellow ). This is very close to cap and we are looking at our stun being on about a 5.1s Cool Down end game. Flash's cooldown is reduced to like 4 minutes and 50 seconds or 5 mintus 10 seconds don't know the math, too lazy to do it tbh.


My item build up is weird, and it goes for my play style. My friend who is testing this build out likes it, but made tweaks to his own play style. Do not follow the items identically as I do it, unless it goes with your play style of course. 

First item:
 I go for the Amplifying Tome first. I do not really use spells until I can guarantee a kill, coordinating with my laner (See laning section). My friend has a more farming type play style so he grabsSapphire Crystal first.

Second Item: I farm up/get kills until I have 1,150 or more so I may buy my Sheen right off the bat.

Third Item: The third item I buy after Sheen is Boots of Speed. You should have two invent spots filled out of 6. The reason I get Boots of Speed is because with the 1.5% speed Quintessence and all the speed boosting Masteries, once we hit 18 you should have about 418 speed without Boots of Swiftness, which is already higher than most. So you can chase down people effectively.

Fourth Item: Okay, for the fourth item I buy depends on how my gold influx is at the momeny. I either buy Blasting Wand or go straight for Mejai's Soulstealer. Let us go with Blasting Wand as the fourth item.

Fifth Item: The fifth item shall be Mejai's Soulstealer. Many people believe this is an underpowered or underrepresented item, but I however really enjoy it for my play style. This gives me 140 Ability Power AND an extra 25% of that for when we get Zhonya's.That is 35 extra ability power, making 175 ability power just from one item. Not so bad anymore, eh? You should have 3 spots filled.

Sixth Item: Now, you should be running at about 130+ ability power and should be around level 10 or so (Or atleast I am). You will not be building up for Lich Bane, and I usually buy Blasting Wand then finish it up, however. I have had many games where I was able to pwn face and get enough kills to buy Lich Bane straight up.

Seventh Item: This should be either Megatron Cloak or Lich Bane.

Eight Item: This item should be Lich Bane, however if you have been fed enough you should go on to your Zhonya's Ring now. Buy a Blasting Wand.

Ninth Item: I usually have upwards 220 ish Ability Power by now, and I rack in the kills. This is getting into mid game where you now stay in a group and push towers. I usually stay out in the field as much as possible until we dwindle down to buy, I can usually afford two Blasting Wands, so this would be our second Blasting Wand.

Tenth Item: This should be your Sage's Ring, or if you are fed enough, Zhonya's Ring. If you are playing well, I will assume you have Zhonya's Ring, right now so next item shall be...

Eleventh Item: Now, you should have 2 spaces of inventory left, so what you should be building up now is an Archangel's Staff, not only will this give you excellent mp5, it will boost your AP By 2% by your mana pool, and this aswell increased by Zhonya's Ring

Twelfth Item: Pushing 400+ Ability Power now, you should be either winning, or losing the game. If it's in a draw, epic match my good friend. You have one space left and you should safe up your cash to buy anAbyssal Scepter, or if you would like, just a Blasting Wand, for it.

Thirteenth Item: Now, you should have your Abyssal Scepter, and pushing 500 AP. Your item slots should now be full. If your game has last this long, I pity you and I admire you for such an epic game.

Fourteenth, The Final Item: Now, you still have your Boots of Speed, and what you should do now is go for Boots of Swiftness.

Summoner Spells

I, personally, think that Summoner Spells should be your option to choose. I choose Flash and Ghost, but those fit my play style. I am a very aggressive person, and I usually pop my Flash to get someone hiding behind a turret with half to a fourth of their life left. I know I can get the kill so I charge up shield, flash, stun, swing, then blow it up giving me the kill. Not only to I take only 1 or 2 turret hits, but I get a kill and I can easily run off the grass safe and sound. Again, my play style.
My Play Style

My play style is very very very very very very very very very very very very very *Takes a deep breath* very very very very very aggressive. You can make changes as you like, but i'm the type of person who kills shit. If you have played with me in a good game, you would see how I play. I have gone into 3 people and kill them all because they didn't run. Is this because Sion is OP? No, because I was fed as fuck. I'm sitting here level 15 with 300 or so AP against 3 level 12s and they do not run. I fed earlier and had about 7 kills so far, and boy did those 3 make my day. Again, make changes as you would for your own play style, this guide is based off mine.

Laning Partners

Your laning partner determines the game, but not as much as who you lane against. My Sion can solo, although I do not advise it unless it is against other melee. I need a nice aggressive laner, so I usually ask every time I am laned with someone. Twitch, Teemo, Ashe, etc etc. These are all great laning partners if they can harass well. One of my signature first kills is having my partner harass enough to get them to about half or so and I flash over with shield up. I stun them, hit them, then explode in their face. Your lander, should of course, be helping. It doesn't matter who gets the kill (BETTER BE YOU SON) but it allows you free farming time and to push for tower.

Who to not Lane Against

By god to not lane against Ashe or Ryze. This is my play style, and a good Ryze or Ashe can have you sitting by your tower most of early game, granting you no creep kills whatsoever. Aggressive Teemos and Twitches can be dealth with if you have also an aggressive partner. My last game we had an Aggresive Twitch and Cho'Gath laning against me and Twitch. My Twitch was more defensive but I asked him to auto shoot them as much as possible. We were able to take down their Cho'Gath and Twitch because he was being aggressive and we became full fed. 10 Minutes into the game we had a tower down with both of us with 3 kills. I later went 15/1/7 in this game. (Pix as proof good sir!).
How I spec

Mind you, this is how I do it. Feel free to change it according to your Play Style. 

  1. Enrage
  2. Death's Carcass
  3. Cryptic Gaze
  4. Death's Carcass
  5. Death's Carcass
  6. Cannibalism
  7. Death's Carcass
  8. Cryptic Gaze
  9. Death's Carcass
  10. Cryptic Gaze
  11. Cryptic Gaze
  12. Cryptic Gaze
  13. Cannibalism
  14. Enrage
  15. Enrage
  16. Enrage
  17. Cannibalism
  18. Enrage

Edit: I forgot to save the image after I print screened and I can't get it back.  I swear I was 15/1/7 though. ;}

Edit2: Added a different match of me being fed. The twitch was my laning partner, I had him go offensive for early game kills.

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