Blinzer's Guide to Ashe

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Many of you have been victim to my Ashe so I decided to reveal my secrets to the public so as nobody calls hacker on me anymore LOL

The secret to playing Ashe is playing mind games. "Oh this game is full of mind games for everybody" Yes, but Ashe is likely the most important, seeing her ultimate can across map shot people: you want to make people believe they're doing something good, and when they do... punish them for it. They're NEVER safe while you're on the enemy team.

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Summoner spells

Clarity/Teleport without runes or Ghost/Teleport, Heal/Teleport or Exhaust/teleport with runes(it really depends on the situation, i'd say ghost or exhaust is preferred but since ashe is an early killer you might want heal to throw off your opponent. I personally use exhaust)


Get all mana regen runes, I prefer per level mana regen but you can get fixed if you just want the 9.5 mana regen/5 that's a fixed amount, or you can mix them(they end in clarity for per level and replenishment for fixed). The reason for this is because ashe is supposed to be an extremely aggressive character at the beginning of the game to stop others from farming/levelling, so you'll need the mana to volley spam their butts back to base(or even better, kill them). With a 9.5 mana regen per 5, you should be able to have full mana at all times before level 6 if you only spam volley, which leaves way for a beautiful ultimate kill.

Masteries: Pure offense masteries. Get everything that helps physical damage and penetration.

My main build

Initial items:

Long Sword x1
Health Potion x1

First buy:

The Brutalizer

Ah yes, perhaps my favorite weapon of the game. 25 attack damage, 15 armor penetration, and 10% less cooldowns will make you a killing beast that early in the game. Usually I get the brutalizer around level 5, which means most players have 700 health. Your base attack does 60~, +25 more damage, +15 armor penetration, and 10% more volleys... and you crit your first hit every time you come back. What more could you want begin game? Some crappy boots?

Second buy and third buy(May be switched depending on the situation, but I usually have money for both when I go back):

Vampire Scepter

It may seem useless this early in the game, but it really does help HP in the long run. Also because you'll need this to build up to something else.

Speed Boots

I used to think getting boots early was stupid but I was dead wrong. For 350, the benefit you gain off of these is amazing, and I was completely stupid. I apologize for throwing you off if you followed my build, but at the time I knew no better.

Fourth buy

The Bloodthirster

At this point of the game you should already know whether you're going to win or going to lose. If you played your cards well, you should have assured a victory for the rest of the team through assisting various kills with your ultimate and taking some out yourself. So now it's time for the overkill... now it's time to unleash your thirst of blood. A stunning 60 damage and 15% lifesteal, and if you farm 40 more minions, the beauty of 100 damage and 25% lifesteal. Get the BF sword first obviously.

Fifth, Sixth, other and desperate buys(May be switched depending on the situation)


This will give you an edge in getting more hits in the inevitable full team battles you will encounter. If you can't afford it, at least buy parts of it to give you small boosts as you go ahead.

Infinity Edge

Bring in the 900 crits pls. Get the B F sword first, then everything else. If you don't have mad money to spend, go for malady first.

Boots of Mobility

Useful in situations where you need to be moving around a lot. If they're necessary, get them earlier.

Ninja Tabi

Cheap and help you for both movement and survival. If they're necessary, get them earlier.

Last Whisper

If your enemies are making a last stand with armor, use this to show them that it will indeed be their last stand.

Cooldown reduction items

If you're endgame and don't know what to get, cooldown reduction is the way to go. Spam those skills even harder than before.

Agility Elixir

Use this in situations where the next confrontation will decide the fate of the game. The attack speed and crit will make you a force to be reckoned with.

Strength Elixir

Use this in situations where the next confrontation will decide the fate of the game. The damage and health will give you a small but very useful boost.

Alternative build

I changed my mind there is no alternative build


Definitely max out volley as soon as possible. Get your ultimate every time you can, and everything else goes to frost shot. That bounty attack is junk, they should honestly change it.


-I hate noobs who made people think that Ashe is for noobs
yourself well or can't play with your team properly or can't press q or w and click on the opponent
-Avoid laning with people such as alistar, taric, master yi, warwick and tryandmere because they can heal and you're never going to get a kill off them before you reach level 6 unless they're completely sux or you have a friend with you
-Solo mid is no longer an obligation when you play my style, as a matter of fact going to other lanes with people is preferred to leave way for better mid solos
-If you want to play a match and see my Ashe in action I'll gladly play against you to show you that you're wrong when you say my build is shit
-Don't shit talk if you're not planning to back it up

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