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2 Tips for new players!

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Here are some basic tips for the starting player in League of Legends!

Many new players look at their score (Kill/Death/Assist ratio) and say, "Jeeze why do I have sooo many deaths?" That is because they are new and not playing the game correctly. As a new player you need to know how to live. People often dislike players who die a lot, but you can get a LOT of help if you just:
 - Try not to die.
 - Let your team know you're new.
 - Ask your team for help before they start getting annoyed with you.
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Melee characters are very hard for the new player. You will die much more often if your first few games are with a melee Champion.
For melee characters:

Tip # 1)
Melee Combat- New players tend to run up to an enemy Champion and try to kill them right away. This is generally a recipe for death as a newb.  Try to 'harass'.  Get close to the enemy champion, taking as little damage as possible.  Hit them a couple times, then retreat to the safety of your tower.  When you hit them, their minions will attack you to aid their champion.  Did you do more damage than you took? Rinse and repeat.  Just remember, standing your ground and fighting (or chasing them) is often bait and results in death for a new player.
-As a ranged Champion you will not have to worry about running to them as you are standing away from enemies. The main thing to worry about is the enemy Champions charging at you. In that case RUN towards an allied turret!
To start off, you need to know what kind of fighting style you like, or are used to.  Characters are rated A (best) B (good) or C (average) in terms of how easy they are for a new player to use. (Here, we mean use and not die, not necessarily use and play effectively).
If you like melee then you can choose from any of these champions:
  • Jax - The Armsmaster (Very straightforward). B
  • Kayle - The Judicator (A lot of defensive options). A
  • Master Yi - Wuju Bladesman (Squishy, but mobile and offensive). C
  • Nunu - Yeti Rider (Good all around hero). B
  • Sion - The Undead Abomination (His shield is fantastic to harass and defend with). A
  • Tryndamere - Dark Champion (Killing enemies provides you with heal charges.  No mana to worry about). B
  • Warwick - Blood Hunter (Intrinsic life-steal makes jungling possible, even at low summoner levels.). B
If you like ranged then you can choose from any of these champions:
  • Annie - Dark Child (Great starting spellcaster.  Time your Q hits carefully to farm easily). A
  • Ashe - Frost Archer (Fantastic newb pick.) A
  • Evelynn - The Widowmaker (Stealths but is squishy). A
  • Karthus - The Deathsinger (Very good lane control). B
  • Morgana Hex - Fallen Angel (Great support player with some complicated but effective defensive mechanisms). B
  • Ryze - Rogue Mage (Very straightforward). A+
  • Tristana - Meggling Gunner (Rocket Jump to safety). A
  • Twisted Fate - Cardmaster (Squishy but very mobile). B
  • Twitch - The Plague Rat (VERY squishy, but can stealth and is a great ganker). C
  • Zilean - The Chronokeeper (His ult gives you a second life). B

If you like support then you can choose from any of these champions:
  • Soraka - Star Child (Healer). A

If you like to be a tank than you can choose from any of these characters:
  • Alistar - The Minotaur (Superbly tanky). A
  • Amumu - The Sad Mummy B (Can be unintuitive for a newb but still soaks like a boss). B
  • Cho'Gath - The Black Terror (Difficult to master, but stacks lots of health). C
  • Rammus - The Armordillo (Easy escape mechanisms). A
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