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Masteries - by FrozT (outdated)

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Mastery Trees allow you to further customize your summoner to whichever way you want it to be. When your summoner is level 30, you have the option to construct full Mastery Trees. When building these, the most important thing you want to keep in mind before spending your talent points is which summoner spells you plan on using. Every summoner spell has an upgrade that can be obtained through Masteries, and if it does take you too off-track, you may want to pick a different summoner spell.


If you're new to the game or somewhat low level, there are a few talents you should start with. And, they're all loaded up in the utility tree. Good Hands is excellent, as it can shave off seconds which could count for a tower, inhibitor, or even your Nexus. 3/3 Good Hands reduces the time you spend dead by 10%. Awareness, which you obtain on the second tier in the utility tree, increases your experience gain by 5%. As a new player this can help you keep up in levels.

  • You can respec during the loadscreen by minimizing and going to your PVP.net client
  • The talent "Greed" in the Utility tree is useless; don't get it, if you want to know why simply do the math
  • "Offensive Mastery" and "Brute Force" in offense tree are useless, too; they give a bonus that sums up to 1/3 of a Longsword [420g]
  • "Defensive Mastery" in defense tree is useless

*Note* - To get to your Masteries page, go to your summoner profile and select the Masteries tab on the bottom.

Here's an overview of the stats you can get if you spec into all of the stat boosts in each tree:


Critical Strike Chance: +2%
Ability Power per Level: +0.60
Cooldown Reduction: -3%
Attack Speed: +4%
Magic Penetration: +15%
Armor Penetration: -6
Damage to Minions: +4
Attack Damage: +3, +5%
Critical Strike Damage: +10%
Magic Damage: +5%


Exhaust: -25 armor, -25 magic resist, +.5 second duration
Smite: +5 gold, -5 second cooldown
Promote: Siegerider +20 armor, taunts towers, -15 second cooldown
Rally: +20% magic damage, +5 second duration


Magic Resistance: +6
Armor: +6
Health Regeneration: +0.30% of Max Mana
Dodge: +2%
Physical Damage Reduction: +2
Minion Damage Reduction: +2
Damage Reduction: +5%
Health: +60


Heal: +75 heal, -10 second cooldown
Revive: +400 health for 90 seconds, -20 second cooldown
Boost: -30 second cooldown, +2 second duration
Fortify: +6 damage to minions when off cooldown


Death Timer Reduction: -10%
Health Regeneration: +4%
Mana Regeneration: +4%, +1/sec
Experience Gain: +5%
Mana: +5%
Gold: +0.10/sec
Neutral Buff Duration: +30%
Movement Speed: +3%
Cooldown Reduction: -6%
Summoner Cooldown Reduction: -15%


Teleport: -.5 second cast, -5 second cooldown
Ghost: +8% movement speed, +1.5 second duration
Flash: -15 second cooldown
Clairvoyance: 30 second invisibility vision, +30 second duration

Obviously, Offense is more for Physical DPS, Defense is more for tanks, and Utility is more for Caster DPS, but they can work for either champion class. 

The summoner spell improvements that you get, as stated before, should really define your mastery tree. Keep in mind that if one of the summoner spell improvements takes the champion of your choice out of the tree that benefits him the most, simply switch your summoner spell. It's not worth it.

When constructing your mastery trees, try to find the most efficient way to get to the mastery you want. You don't have to max out every mastery you get, you can just put a point or two in it and move on.

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