Kassidan - Strategy and Tactics - by Engarde

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Who is the voidwalker?
Voidwalker is a new champion recently introduced by Riot Games, (Thank you so very much Riot! Love him to pieces!) who has a blink with a 3 second cooldown. Cannot stress that enough. BLINK WITH 3 SECOND COOLDOWN. Plus, his sword goes 'Vwoom!'. Plus, he has a cthulu-esque helmet. Plus, he sounds like Darth Vader.

Now I've played him for like 15 games since he was released (Yeah I know, I play too much), and want to share my (hopefully!) usefull experience with the community! I will tell you some very successful ways to build him. This is my first attempt at a guide though.....be gentle! Ive only lost one game with him....that was due to bloody sivir. 
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Now, on to buisness!


Q - Null Sphere
Moderate range nuke, silences and damages the target. Just a plain usefull spell. Remember to silence the biggest threat, like yeti trying to ult.

W - Nether Blade
Your basic attacks mana steal a small percentage of your targets maximum mana. You destroy 2x the mana stolen.

E - Force Pulse

After 6 spells have been cast near Kass, you can cast this, a cone slow / damage. This is where a good deal of damage will come from, as it does 300, with 1:1 AP scale, and has a 5 second cooldown. You will easily have charges when you are with your team.

R - Riftwalk
Moderate range teleport, dealing damage on impact. Multiple cast of this will increase the manacost and damage. Extremely useful!

Passive - Void stone
You take 15% reduced damage from abilites, and this damage is temporarily converted to attack speed.

Build Order
1 - Sphere
2 - Pulse
3 - Blade - (not sure bout this one....really isn't that much mana, now that I think about it. Your choice.)
4 - Pulse
5 - Pulse
6 - Rift
7 - Pulse
8 - Sphere
9 - Pulse
10 - Sphere
11 - Rift
12 - Sphere
13 - Sphere
14 - Blade
15 - Blade
16 - Rift
17 - Blade
18 - Blade

Basically, you focus on pulse then sphere, with 1 rank of blade early for keeping up your mana.

Now, I've had good sucess with both these builds:


Boots - Since you can teleport and have good base movement speed, you don't really need boots 3. I get Sorcs if the enemies don't have many stuns or snares, Mercurys if they do.
Mejai's Soulstealer - More AP, and helps keep your mana up to chain more blinks. Need I say more?
Rod of Ages or Banshee's Veil or Rylai's Scepter. - ROA because it has more AP, mana, and survivabilty. Kass is rather squishy, so this really comes in handy. Get it if you are doing well. If you need even more survivabilty, get Banshee's. Get Rylais if you don't have any HP trouble at all, as it has slightly less health than ROA.
Abyssal Scepter - More AP. magic resist, and reduces enemies magic resist. Good on all counts!

Whatever you get after that is really icing on the cake. I usually get Zhonya's ring (25% more ap!), or Nashor's tooth if the games last long enough.


Tear of the Godess - More mana per spell cast. Wonderful, Kass has 2 low cooldown low cost spells! Once you get this, don't be afraid to spam your spells, keep raising your mana pool!
Boots As above.
Mejai's Soulstealer As above.
Finish getting Archangels Staff - Turns your large mana pool into more AP!
Then get Rod of Ages or Banshee's or Rylai's and Scepter as above.

Build 1 for games you think will be short, Build 2 for longer ones. Note here, have also mentioned it below. Starting with a regrowth pendant is very useful if you havn't taken hp regen runes. I would recommend building it into a philosophers stone,. Roarman has suggested building it into spirit visage or sould shroud, both would work quite well.

Summoner Spells

First of all, you will want something for defense, like boost or heal. I take heal for its usefulness for your team. I would advise against flash, seems silly when you have 2 second blink. 
Second...whatever you want, really. I take teleport, very useful spell, easily swap between defending and pushing. Sometimes I'll take Clairvoyance, map knowledge is power!

Masteries / Runes

Is up to you, really. I have 9 / 0 / 21, to grab the spell penetration and focusing on CD reduction and regen.
As for runes, I have mine set out to roughly equal a Philosophers Stone - Hp and Mp regen, and gold per 5. I would recommend that you use Hp regen runes, they are very useful.

Early Game

Spam /laugh. Once the creeps arrive, just stay back till you get to level 2, then cast Q on enemy champs to build up charges for your E. Harass and farm with your E, it has quite solid damage, and you should take the one rank of W to keep your mana up. You only steal mana from Ranged / Siege creeps, remember that! Generally, you do not want to try gank until you get your Ult. Once you have it, try harass them to half health, then build up another E. Blink in, hit E, then Q. Continue to chase with your blink if you can, be wary, you are still squishy till you get Rod / Banshee's.

Mid Game

You should be getting a Soulstealer and working on survivabilty / archangels by now. You can gank quite well, but do not, I repeat DO NOT blink into multiple people on your own. It is more than likely you will die, unless you already have riftwalked to build up the damage. Generally though, it is better to prey on weakened heroes. Other than that, do your normal mid game buisness - gank, push, farm, etc. In teamfights, let others initiate, you are to squishy. If you can, get the golem rune and use it to riftwalk multiple times before fighting someone.

Late Game

Time to shine. Get the golem buff WHENEVER YOU CAN, lets you get a ton more mana for blinking / pulse. Be careful now, everyone is getting prettey strong round now. If you have the golem buff, chain your blink to instant kill creeps if you need to push. By now you should be able to take most heroes one on one, and you will be lethal if you arent stunned or disabled. Still, do not initiate teamfights, let a tank or stun open for you.

Other good stuff to know!

You will be very difficult to kill with riftwalk, but don't get cocky, you still are primarily there to damage, not tank. Do not chase too far, it will generally be a trap, especially if the enemy champ can stun. Chasing a champ with a stun while you are at low health can end very badly.
When you are at your spawn healing / shopping, cast a riftwalk or 2 before porting / walking out, to help build up another E.
If an enemy has used boost, try break it with your Ult, do not waste an E on an enemy with spellsheild.
IMPORTANT NOTE - Starting with a regrowth pendant, to be built into a Philosophers Stone is very useful if you havn't taken any hp regen runes.
IMPORTANT NOTE 2 - The recent changes to Kass have made his ult cost more mana and his E get alot more charges. Most of your damage will come from your E rather than ult now.

Anyhoo, I hope you get some use out of this, my first attempt at a guide, Ill update it if I find some new and exciting stratagies or if I've forgotten anything important!

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