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Here is a list of Commonly asked questions, please feel free to contribute / edit this list by emailing:

Q: How do items work? Do they stack?

A: All stats from items will stack additively except for those that have a UNIQUE ability. For instance, the Infinity Edge item has the following stats:

+80 DMG
+20% Crit
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UNIQUE Passive: Critical hits now deal 250% damage instead of 200%.

If you were to pick up two Infinity Edges, you would have the following stats:

+160 DMG
+40% Crit

UNIQUE Passive: Critical hits now deal 250% damage instead of 200%.

Note that both the damage and critical chance stack additively, but because the passive to the Infinity Edge is UNIQUE, you cannot be affected by that more than once.

Q: How do item auras work together?

A: If you and a teammate both have the same item, you will be affected by the aura twice. As an example, at the start of the game you purchase Mana Manipulator. This item gives a mana regeneration to yourself and allies nearby. If you were to go with a teammate who also purchased Mana Manipulator, both of you would be affected by this aura twice.

However, if you had a third teammate that did not have the Mana Manipulator they would only be affected by one aura.

Q: How does cooldown reduction work?

A: Cooldown reduction works additively. If you have a 9% cooldown reduction from masteries, and a 10% cooldown reduction from Stinger (an item in-game) you will have a 19% cooldown reduction. However, cooldown reduction HARDCAPS at 40%. This means that you cannot get more than 40% cooldown reduction.

Q: How does dodge work?

A: Dodge works with diminishing returns. As an example, let's say you have 10% dodge in your runes.

10% dodge.

You grab Ninja Tabi, which gives 11% dodge.

11% dodge + 
(89 * .1) = 8.9% dodge

For a total of 19.9% dodge. (Note that the 89 comes from the percent remaining from the previous dodge percentages have been calculated.)

You then get Phantom Dancer, which gives 20% dodge.

20% dodge +
(80 * .11) = 8.8% dodge +
(71.2 * .1) = 7.12% dodge

For a total of 35.92% dodge.

Q: Can you dodge spells?

A: You cannot dodge spells. The only way to not receive damage from spells is to be spell immune from one of these:

- Banshee's Veil (blocks one spell every 30 seconds)
- Sivir's Spell Shield
- Morgana's Black Shield
- Boost
- Judicator's Invulnerability (note that unlike the others, while this one blocks spell damage, anything secondary like a slow would still happen)

Q: How much movement do the different levels of boots add?

A: Level 1 adds 50, Level 2 adds 70, Level 3 adds 90.

Q: How do movement modifiers work? (Credit to Larias)

A: First, you have your base movement of say 300. You add boots first, always boots first, so if you have boots added - Boots 1 give a flat 50 movement, boots 2 give a flat 70 movement, boots 3 give a flat 90 movement.

Let's say you get boots 2. That's 370 movement. Then, you get 35% movement speed buff from items or runes or masteries or buffs: that 370 is multiplied by 1.35, or 499.5 movement speed. If this is the only thing affecting your movement speed, the diminishing returns formula kicks in.

Now, let's say you get slowed by 38% (ashe arrows). What happens is the ORIGINAL 499.5 is multipled by .62, and you get 309.69 movement speed. Because 309 is not above or below dimineshing returns, you stay at that speed.

Q: What are these diminishing movement returns? (Credit to Guinsoo)

A: For each point of movement you would have above 475, that amount is reduced by 50%. So if your final movement speed was 733, it would be reduced to 475 + (733-475)*0.5 = 604. For each point of movement you would have above 400, it is reduced by 20%. So if your speed after all mods was 430, you would end with 400 + 30 * 0.8 = 424.

Q: How does lifesteal work? (Credit to Ezreal)

A: Lifesteal IS affected by armor. If you hit for 100, they have 20% reduction, you hit for 80, you have 10% lifesteal you gain 8 hp. Lifesteal stacks additively and doesn't have a hardcap. This means that you could get over 100% lifesteal.

Q: How does armor and magic resistance work? (Credit to Garek for framing it better than I could.)

Every 1 armor means the damage it takes to kill you is extended by 1% of your hitpoints. At 100 armor, it takes 100% more damage to kill you, ie it requires double damage, ie you're taking half-damage. At 300 armor you're taking 25% damage, etc.

Is this diminishing returns? Not really. The damage it takes to kill you is scaling linearly. If you have 1000 hitpoints, then each point of armor means you can take 10 more damage before dying. And this is true no matter how much armor you have (aside from rounding errors). So in that sense, it's linear, and there are no diminishing returns.

Magic resistance works in the exact same fashion, except it does so against spells only. There is no overlap between armor and magic resistance at all. (Ex. Having 500 Armor would have no impact on spells, having 500 Magic Resistance would have no impact on physical attacks)

Q: Where can I see all of these stats?

A: When you are in-game, there are four stats at the bottom (Attack, Ability Power, Movement Speed, Armor). To see other, less common, statistics like Dodge or Magic Resistance, press 'C'.

Q: How does ELO work? What does it mean? Where can I see it?

A: ELO is the ranking system used in LoL. The way is works is that when you get matched up against a team, your team will be expected to win or expected to lose, depending on your ELO.


Team A - 1250 ELO Ranking
Team B - 1350 ELO Ranking

In this scenario, Team B is expected to win. If they win, they will gain less ELO because they were the stronger team going in.

Team A - 1250 -> 1242
Team B - 1350 -> 1358

However, should Team A win, they will gain more points than usual because it was an upset.

Team A - 1250 -> 1263
Team B - 1350 -> 1337

Note that this is acting as if the entire team has their own ELO, what actually happens is that a team's ELO is considered depending upon the players inside and other factors. As an example:

A pre-made comes in with these players:

Noob - 1000
N0ob - 1000
Noobie - 1000
Newbie - 1000
Newskis - 1000

Now, this team doesn't have a 1000 point rating when it gets put into the pool. What happens is that they get a slight modification (between 25 and 200 points, I think) because they are a premade, and are expected to be stronger than simple pubs. So, even though all the players are 1000 ranked, the actual team would probably be ranked 1100-1150.

There isn't any way to see your ELO ranking from Normal games. The idea there is that the matchmaking is for fun, and that you shouldn't be worried about losing. When Ranked games come in, those are where the ladders and competitive play will be shown.

Q: How do runes work?

A: The basic guide for runes can be found 

Q: What does this abbreviation mean? (List by DUVOIS, thanks to Toriniku for the link.)

A: You can find a good list of various phrases and terms over 


NOTE:  There is an item shop next to your team's shrine - left click to open

When starting the game, it's generally good to purchase some health
regeneration - you can buy a permanent item like Regrowth Pendant or
Rejuvenation Bead from the Defense/Health Regeneration tab, or Health
Potions from the consumable tab.

There are 3 lanes where the primary action for Summoner's Rift takes
place - one that runs along the left and top sides; one that runs along
the bottom and right sides; and one that goes right down the middle. If
you're confused about where to go, wait for minions to spawn from one of
your inhibitors and follow the minions.

Try to split your team evenly among the 3 lanes.

To learn an ability, click the "+" above it.

To gain gold from killing minions, you have to cause the killing blow,
or 'last hit' the minion.

Destroying enemy turrets gives your entire team gold and experience,
even if dead, so try to help your team destroy turrets as quickly as you

Destroying an enemy inhibitor temporarily causes your minions to be
stronger, but the enemy's inhibitor will respawn after a few minutes.

Turrets are very powerful - make sure you have plenty of support when
approaching an enemy turret. Conversely, when being attacked, retreat
to a turret for more support.

Attacking an enemy champion will cause all nearby units to attack you,
including turrets!

Even enemy minions deal a lot of damage early in the game, so try to use
your own minions to shield you from taking damage.

You can always go home if you want to - press 7 to teleport to your
team's Spawning Pool. It will take a few seconds to take effect, and it
can be interrupted by enemies!

Every champion has a passive ability that you always have, even if you
didn't level it up. You can view its details by pressing 'C'.

Ability power increases the damage and healing your abilities cause; it
does not benefit attacks or buffs.
Some abilities benefit from other stats like Attack Damage, but
only if specified in the tooltip.

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