Ryze - Rogue Mage

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Raised from the age of two inside the Magi’s Academy for Unpleasant Boys, Ryze has never really fit in with his peers.

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At the age of seven, Ryze snuck into the professors’ quarters and used a bolt of electricity to singe the hair from the headmaster’s prized poodle-Yipps.

At nine, he mixed an ordinary laxative into a batch of fire breathing potion his chemistry teacher was preparing for a class field trip.

At the age of twelve, he dismantled the school’s zeppelin and reassembled it inside the library. Six months later, he was caught drawing runes of binding on every chair in the academy’s auditorium. (It took two full days to unglue the entire student body after the Witches’ Day ceremony.)

His welcome having run out, Ryze left the academy to continue his education on his own. In the intervening years he has studied every magical text he could find, including the incredibly powerful Arc Scroll which he carries upon his back. He meticulously catalogs every spell he has encountered, going as far as tattooing the most rare and super powerful incantations directly onto his own skin.


Icon Ability Description
Overload (Active) Ryze unleashes a terrifying energy blast of lightning at a single enemy unit.
Mana Leach(Active) Ryze's attacks siphon mana off of enemy units, bestowing it upon himself.
Rune Prison(Active) Ryze infects a target with her own torment. Any damage done to that target is increased considerably.
Spell Flux(Active) Releases a chain lightning that will seek out multiple targets to strike. Can strike both enemy units and Ryze himself. Each strike on enemy units deals damage. Each strike on Ryze doesn't deal damage, but is channeled through Ryze to an enemy.
Desperate Power (Passive) While Ryze's health is low, his ability power is increased.

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