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Prepaid Riot Gamecards

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As reported at https://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=17420 

Those of you who are avid shoppers in addition to League of Legends fanatics may have come across something during your adventures in the lands of retail. Prepaid Riot Gamecards have now become available for purchase in both 7-11 and Best Buy stores.
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You can buy cards to give you in-game Riot Points at these outlets (by launch, you will be able to use PayPal or credit cards to get Riot Points as well)

Riot is taking measures to ensure that any customers who purchase gamecards will be able to receive value from their investment in the immediate future. Once the store goes live this coming Thursday (October 15th, 2009), players with prepaid cards will be able to redeem their gamecards for points they can use for purchase during the beta. Once the open beta begins, players who redeemed their prepaid gamecards will have the Riot points that they purchased refunded. This will give players who have purchased Riot Gamecards early the opportunity to use their Riot points to try out additional content, then finalize their purchases in the open beta.

If you have purchased a Prepaid Riot Gamecard, and do not have a beta key for the League of Legends closed beta, please sent an email to .

Here is how to redeem your gamecard in our online store after October 15th 2009:

  • Click the ‘Store’ button in the upper left of your PvP.net client.
  • Along the bottom of the store interface you will see a series of tabs. Click on the ‘Redeem Codes’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Prepaid Cards’ option.
  • Enter the code on the back of your prepaid gamecard.
  • Click submit to complete the transaction.
  • Your Riot Points will be credited to your account. You can view your Riot Point total in the upper right hand corner of the PvP.net client.
  • Remember, even if you spend all of your gamecard points during the closed beta, you will receive a refund of these points after the account reset takes place at open beta. So spend away!

If you have any further questions regarding your gamecard purchase, feel free to field them here and we will be happy to address your concerns.

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