Amumu - The Sad Mummy

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Perhaps one of the oddest champions in the League of Legends is the yordle known as Amumu. His life before joining the League remains unknown - especially to Amumu. All he remembers is that he woke up alone inside a pyramid within the Shurima Desert.

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He was entwined in mummy wrappings and he could not feel his heart beat. Furthermore, he felt a deep sadness that he could not entirely explain; he knew he missed his parents, though he could not remember who they were. Dropping to his knees, Amumu wept into his bandages. No matter what he did, it seemed he could just never stop his tears or sadness. Eventually he got up off his knees to mope and wander the world, making his way to the League; it would seem that even the raw power of unleashed emotions can be used to benefit the plans of summoners.

X Health 472 (+78 / per level)
X Mana 220 (+40 / per level)
X Move Speed 310
X Armor 15 (+3.3 / per level)
X Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
X Critical Strike 2.5 (+0.4 / per level)
X Health Regen 1.49 (+0.17 / per level)
X Mana Regen 0.8 (+0.06 / per level)


Icon Ability Description
Image:Amumu_BandageToss.jpg Bandage Toss(Active) Amumu tosses a sticky bandage at a target, stunning and damaging the target while he pulls himself to them.
Image:Amumu_Despair.jpg Despair (Active)
Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies lose a percentage of their maximum health each second.
Image:Amumu_Tantrum.jpg Tantrum (Active) Permamently reduces the physical damage Amumu would take. Amumu can unleash his rage, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Image:Amumu_CurseOfTheSadMummy.jpg Curse of the Sad Mummy (Active)
Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, rendering them unable to attack or move and causes them to take damage.

Image:Amumu_CursedTouch.jpg Cursed Touch(Passive) Amumu's attacks reduce the target's magic resistance by 15/25/35 for 4 seconds.

669days since
Season One launched

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