Singed - The Mad Chemist

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One of the turning points in the Rune War was an event simply known as the Hour of Judgment. The day was like any other. Fighting raged across the land.

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Men fought and died for their beliefs. But on this day, about an hour before sunset, a tremendous explosion rocked the entire planet. The oceans sloshed. The mountains trembled. Volcanoes erupted. Islands sank into the seas.

Agents were sent to investigate the source of the explosion. They found the remains of a volatile chemical laboratory, and Singed lying helplessly on the floor. Bandages masked his charred skin, and from underneath his blood-stained garb he barely stirred.

As they prepared to lift him, a single drop of green chemical fell from the bottle strapped to the mad chemist’s back. The intense acidity of that tiny droplet brought the agents to their knees as they clawed at their burning eyes and throats. The gleam in Singed’s eyes was the last thing they saw before he rose to his feet, his skin bubbling, and was gone.


Icon Ability Description
Poison Trail (Active) Singe lays a poisonous trail which deals poisonous damage for every second to units who move through it.
Mega Adhesive (Active) Singe throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed for 5 seconds.
Fling (Active) Singe flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing damage when they land.
Insanity Potion (Active) Singe drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him enhanced damage, attack speed, ability power, armor, movement speed, and regeneration for 30 seconds.
Empowered Bulwark(Passive) Increases Singe's Health by a percentage of each mana point he possesses

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