Morgana Hex - Fallen Angel

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Morgana Hex joined the Judicators alongside her sister Kayle at a very young age. The sisters quickly rose through the ranks, practicing relentlessly to bring their skills to the highest level.

Despite being sisters and close friends, Morgana and Kayle were extremely competitive with each other.
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It was all in good nature, but both wanted to beat the other and by extension become Lead Judicator.

Eventually, Kayle was named Lead Judicator and asked to take over the entire organization. 

Tremendously jealous of Kayle's promotion, Morgana disavowed their friendship and immediately set about trying to discredit and unseat her sister.

Kayle discovered the treachery. Infuriated by her sister's deceit, she attacked Morgana. It is said that never since has a battle raged as fiercely as it did on that day. In her rage, Kayle tore Morgana`s wings asunder and expelled her from the order of Judicators forever. Overpowered by her sister, Morgana was forced to flee with her life, vowing to not rest until Kayle was unseated.

Icon Ability Description
Dark Binding (Active) Morgana channels dark energy into a single enemy, causing immense pain that deals damage each second and slowing its movement speed.
Tormented Soil (Active) Morgana curses a large area of ground causing it to deal damage to enemies who stand on it.
Black Shield (Active) A black shield forms around Morgana's target, protecting it completely from all spells for a short duration.
Echoing Pain (Active) Morgana infects a target with her own torment. Any damage done to that target is increased considerably.
Empathize (Passive) Morgana empathizes with the suffering of her fellow Champions, increasing their health point regeneration rate.

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