Singe Build - AP/MR - by Asfastasican

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[Guide] AP/MR Singe (By Asfastasican)

Why use this build and what is it?

This build is a very balanced build all around. When you play League, you'll see a handle of people going with Singe's recommended items. Some others will stack items like Warmogs on him and call him a tank, while even others will stack a lot of AP on him and call it a day.
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I haven't really seen any others build this champion the way I have been building him lately and I have to say its been pretty damn effective, especially when playing with skilled teammates.

What makes this build work is its balance of three key stats that effectively make Singe into a monster. You have a mix of Ability Power, Spell Block and Movement Speed. You'll see others build Singe as a beefy tank with HP's, armor, regen, etc, and you'll see others build him into more of a support champion with heavy AP. What the AP/MR Singe build accomplishes is that it brings just enough of both worlds together into a nice little package. Your specific set of items will essentially make your Singe durable enough and yet very versatile. Also, towards the end of the game, your already weakened enemies will take a heavy beating from you having just the right amount of AP under your belt.

Also, if you're one of those guys that hates champions like Ryze with a passion, you're going to love this build. Even if you're not against a caster heavy team, your item composition will help you shrug off any sort of incoming magic damage and CC effects as well. You will have enough health and health regen to deal with most threats. Don't be surprised if you go on a rampage and are able to dive straight into 4-5 novice champions and watch them hesitate to fight you later on in the game.

I'm going to put a summary of this build right under this section. The guts of the build are in this summary, including the skill order build and the item build. It's for those of you that want to skim through the guide or come back and remind yourself of what AP/MR Singe is all about. This is a long guide, but please read all of it if this is your first time playing Singe or if you want to know the fine details of this build.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. To me, his name is Singe, not Singed! I'm very confused as to why Riot has called him both names in and out of game, but I think Singe is a cooler name! 


AP/MR Singe Guide Summary

Spells -

Recommended Rune Choices -
Not very important, but consider these options:
Armor Runes (Primary)
Mana Runes (Secondary)

Mastery Preferences -
Not very important either, but consider heavy Offense or Defense with a minor in Utility (up to 8 points with improved ghost included.)

You could also go for a three-way hybrid build, picking up magic penetration in Offense, Nimbleness in Defense, and Regen/Mana/Greed in utility. Going with a hybrid mastery build basically means you cut out anything that helps Singe's auto-attacking and unnecessary improved talents.

Item Build Summary -
A. Regrowth Pendant
B. Boots 1
1. Rod of the Ages
2. Mercury Trends
3. Force of Nature
4. Abyssal Scepter
5. Lich Bane*
6. Zhonya's Ring*

*You can choose alternative items if you really want in those last two slots.

Alternative Items -

These aren't recommended items, but they are decent options if you're interested in them.

1. Tear of the Goddess -> Archangel Staff
2. Boots of Swiftness
3. Warmogs
4. Sunfire Cape
5. Banshee Veil
6. Guardian Angel

Skill Build -
1. Poison Trail
2. Fling
3. Poison Trail
4. Fling
5. Poison Trail
6. Insanity Potion
7. Poison Trail
8. Fling
9. Poison Trail
10. Fling*
11. Insanity Potion
12. Fling
13-15. Mega Adhesive
16. Insanity Potion
17-18. Mega Adhesive

*You can get 1 level of Mega Adhesive a little earlier (Lv 10-12) if you think it will help get you some kills.

Elixir of Choice-


Summoner Spell Selection

Spells you're gonna want.

Ghost - You can think of ghost as an extra boost of power for Singe at any given time. It's a very powerful compliment to your ultimate. I highly suggest this spell.

Teleport - This is a very potent bread and butter spell that helps out a lot of champions, even more so for a champion like Singe that can assist teammates well and push lanes. I also highly recommend this spell. 

Spells you may want.

Exhaust - Great spell if you're a fan of getting some easy kills late game. It won't be worth much to Singe mid and late game though .

Flash - Everybody loves flash. It's a great spell and all, but its not that amazing on Singe. Both normal Ghost and Improved Ghost are better overall, but you can still pick it if you want to hop over a wall to escape or execute a clutch toss to win a fight.

Fortify - I'm a fan of this spell, even though some never use it and its not so hot on Singe. Truth be told, you won't be able to utilize Reinforce (Improved Fortify) in the Defense tree as Singe, but the spell can still save your team in a pinch.

Promote - Great for pushing bases and towers, but Singe's job isn't really to attack towers. The momentum he provides is used in other ways.

Revive - You may want it to save your team in a pinch, especially if you become your team's carry.

Clairvoyance - It's still a great spell, despite the heavy nerf-bat beating it took. Personally, I feel that Map awareness is one of Singe's least important priorities. I wouldn't suggest this spell and I feel that its better used on other champions on your team. Still, if you want it, be my guest and take it. 

Spells you don't want.

Heal - It looks good on paper, but its very bad on Singe. It's also very hard to position yourself to heal others when fighting in any team battle, all because of Singe's mobile play style.

Cleanse - It's a good spell for others, but its very bad on Singe with this particular build. Trust me. You'll see what I mean after reading this guide.

Smite - Complete garbage. You'll be doing a little jungling whenever you see fit, but Singe isn't concerned with killing creep camps fast, nor does he worry about the extra bit of gold flow.

Rally - It may help others, but it's really worthless for you. You will be running around a lot and your item selection has you covered support-wise in more ways than one.

Rune Choices

To be perfectly honest, with this build, stacking one particular stat or even having a mix of runes won't change how well AP/MR Singe performs very much. This may seem foolish to some of you, but let me try to explain.

This build is about having just enough of everything you need, so having excess doesn't help you in a major way. Cooldowns? Won't make a difference. Attack damage or Attack Speed? Near worthless. Extra MR? Won't need more of it towards the end of the game. Extra AP? Won't make a noticeable difference.

So what about those players that are addicted to tweaking their runes? Well I do have one type of rune that will cater to this crowd and actually help Singe in a positive way. Armor runes! Armor will be something that will compliment what you have and make you more durable. You're basically beefing up the one thing that's as close to an weakness as you're going to get with AP/MR Singe.

So yeah, if you want to build an entire page dedicated to AP/MR Singe, focus on armor runes in particular. If you want something to focus on the side, consider getting mana runes. They will work well with Singe's passive and also give you some extra mana to play with early game.

Mastery Preferences

I'm going to make this short and sweet. Your mastery choices won't matter much at all. Consider getting down the entire Offense Tree or the entire Defense Tree, while putting your left over points in utility. Haste, or Improved Ghost, is highly recommended and the other early utility masteries aren't half bad either.

If you like defense, go for that. If you prefer Offense, go for that as well. I'm currently running an offense build after using defense for a very long time. You'll feel a difference either way, but at the same time, both trees are solid and offer different perks. It's really your choice.

EDIT - After giving it some thought, you could also go for a three-way hybrid build, picking up magic penetration in Offense, Nimbleness in Defense, and Regen/Mana/Greed in utility. Going with a hybrid mastery build basically means you cut out anything that helps Singe's auto-attacking and unnecessary improved talents.

Singe's Skills

I won't post the skill descriptions and stats. I'll just talk about how to use each skill in detail. The skill build order is in the Guide Summary above.

Poison Trail - 

Great skill. You're going to want to rush ahead in a lane very often and go as far as possible before walking up next to the front of a creep wave. Turn poison on and move backwards, towards your own creep waves. Turn it off the moment you reach the front of your wave. If you do this properly, you will defend your towers very well and kept the front line up against the enemy towers most of the time. Having a regrowth pendant will allow you to take some damage while doing this.

When your fighting against towers, your real job isn't to lure enemy champions out with fling, nor should you focus on wacking the towers. I don't really suggest popping your ultimate to allow you to melee towers done faster either. The best thing you can do is run past an enemy tower as it's hitting your creeps and make contact with the next enemy wave while running in one direction and gasing it. As long as you stay visible, they will chase you and you can turn the gas off before all of them die. This allows ally champions and your waves to focus on the towers with less distractions. Be careful if your gas hits an enemy champion though, because the towers will then focus on you instantly.

Leaving your gas on while you retreat is a no brainer. Champions that chase you will choke on your gas while you make an escape or bait them into an ambush. While taking on creep camp later on, be sure to get up against all the creeps at once and "tap" your gas every few seconds. Turning your gas on and off for a breif second will poison the creeps with a brief cloud and the dot damage will continue killing it without you spending any mana. You can basically do any creep camp like this while being out of mana, before moving on or blue pilling back to base.

When fighting enemy champions, you should move along side them or in front of them to to poison them. Most of the time, Singe is not about auto attacking your opponents. Playing Singe is about moving with your target and tossing enemies where they don't want to be tossed. You should right click and wack them every so often for free damage, but don't make it a priority.

Mega Adhesive -

It's a very good skill, but because of how you will play AP/MR Singe and your priorities, you should get this skill last and max it out as late as possible. Getting one point in it early on could help you get an extra kill or two mid game, but at the same time, it's really not that much of a difference. Pushing lanes and using Fling to take out enemy champions while moving around constantly is more important. Later on, you will use Mega Adhesive to prevent ganked enemies from moving away, block off escape routes or snare targets that are running away from you, after catching up to them with ghost or Insanity Potion.

Fling - 

Also a very good skill. You will always look for opportunities to toss an enemy either to launch him backwards or to just deal some damage. Always turn your poison on a few seconds before you move in to toss someone. This will launch them into your gas and poison them off the bat. Once you get to the late game, your enemies may have already fallen behind, and you'll be surprised how much punishment they will take from your Fling damage alone.

Insanity Potion - 

This ultimate basically buffs nearly every stat of Singe you can think of, but you will primarily use it as a movement speed boost when you need it. Remember that Insanity will buff a bunch of stats and your AP as well. You should consider using it as a desperate last resort to escape, use it when going head first into a team battle or as an option to chase down single or multiple escaping champions. You can also use this with Ghost to make yourself a very very fast runner while also being able to run through enemy creeps, champions, and Anivia's Crystallize (ice wall) all while gasing them with ease. By having all that extra movement speed, it will make it easy to move in to toss nearly any enemy champion you want at any given time.

Enchanted Bulwark (Passive) -

Some players overlook that Singe gets 1 hp for every 3 points of mana he has. Keep this in mind when we consider our item build. Items with Mana will ultimately give you even more HP in the long run.

Your Item Build: Why you use it and Alternative Items.

Your item build is really what AP/MR Singe is all about. I'll explain what items to get and why you pick them. I'll also mention a few alternative items and why others players use them or why you may want to use them.

- Regrowth Pendant -

You'll want this first, because you'll be taking some damage and the regen is really the best choice for Singe's early game.

- Boots 1 -

Get this next and it will help you move around more easily early game. You'll upgrade these later on. Hopefully it will help you escape taking damage and allow you to get some tosses off if needed.

- Katalyst the Protector - 

This will give you some extra mana to play with on your next trip out of the base.

- Rod of the Ages - 

Getting this early on will start boosting your AP off the bat and it will continue to help your stats as the game goes on. And remember, this item will give you health and mana... which will give you even more health!

- Mercury Trends - 

These boots will do a number of great things for you. First off, getting these things will put Cleanse out of business. Nasty CC effects will break off of you fast and you'll be able to continue doing your thing. Also, you'll get a little faster which is always a plus for Singe. Finally, these boots give you a nice boost in MR, which will ultimately make you more durable.

- Force of Nature - 

This item isn't very popular and is overlooked by many. Trust me when I say it really works with Singe for a number of reasons...

A lot of players will tell you that Warmogs is king and that it's a no brainer to get that item asap. I'm not here to tell you that Warmogs is bad or that you can't get it on Singe. Warmogs is on my alternate item list, but this build is about cutting out the fat and more about giving you a nice balance of what Singe actually needs. With this build, you will have at least 3k health towards the end. Some may say that's not enough health, but a good handful of those naysayers sometimes forget how effective MR is in this game. By having at least 3k health, a ton of MR and enough movement speed, you will be a formidable opponent and you will have enough durability to act reckless.

Force of Nature gives you movement speed, magic resist and a percentage base regen. The percentage-based regen is the real kicker. You'll be surprised to see how durable you become late game just because of how much health you will regen during an actual fight. Plus, if you really want to throw a Warmogs into the mix, that regen will compound and be even stronger.

- Abyssal Scepter -

This item is a perfect fit for this build. If you haven't noticed, we're not going very heavy on the AP, we're aiming for balance. By getting this item, you boost your AP with the Rod of Ages you have, you're getting even more MR and you're also lowering the enemies' MR. By lowering their MR, you're compensating for not having an AP heavy build in the first place.

- Lich Bane -

So some of you that have the patience of a saint have probably read up to this point and will probably say "But Asfast, Singe isn't about auto attacking things! Why the hell do I want Lich Bane in the first place?" The answer to that question is the answer to getting all of these other items! It's all about the mix and about cutting out the fat!

Lich Bane hands you all kinds of stats that are too good to pass up. More mana (which means more health,) AP, movement speed, and MR. Also, at this point in the game, you have enough AP to make Lich Bane's proc worth using. You'll constantly be casting your spells at regular intervals, so when you do auto attack, you'll deal more damage.

- Zhonya's Ring -

Most games will end before you even get to start making this item. But why do we choose Zhonya's as the icing on the cake? 

It's more of a final item that will give you that last boost of damage to handle enemy champions that may rival you. Even though Zhonya's is an expensive item that's difficult to make (three items and a combine,) it gives you a lot more AP and it will compound the amount of AP you already have. Plus, you get even more mana, which means even more health for you!

Alternative Items

I'm not too crazy about these items, but this list is a collection of items that are either popular on Singe with other builds or items that will give you an excessive amount of health or MR to seal the deal.

- Tear of the Goddess -> Archangel Staff -

Tear used to be a secret gimmick item that some Singe players used pre-patch. It was quite a clever choice when you think about it. If you get a tear as early as possible, you would essentially have the capacity to get a limitless amount of HP's. For every periodic spell cast, you would gain 1.3 hit points. As the game would drag on, this bonus would add up. Meanwhile, you would have a hell of a lot of mana along with decent mana regen on the side.

Tear was nerfed to have a +750 mana limit though, but you can still have that same capacity if you make the investment and upgrade to an Archangel Staff. Picking that option basically turns your AP/MR build into more of an AP build though.

- Boots of Swiftness -

Some players really just have that need for speed. If you want an excessive amount of movement speed, be my guest. Just remember that you're going to lose out on some of that tasty MR and CC protection.

- Warmogs Armor -

A lot of Singe players cheat on their girlfriends and marry Warmogs Armor. They just love it that much. It's also pretty much a must for a Tank Singe build. I personally think you really don't need an excessive amount of HP, especially since Hit Points are now more expensive since last patch. Once you see the value of having MR as opposed to having raw HP's, you may see things my way. Still, if you need it, get it.

- Sunfire Cape -

This is an amazing Singe item. I'm not gonna lie. You can make a build where you even stack 2-3 of these babies on Singe and watch some ridiculous damage happen in a pug while being durable to boot. If Singe had a 7th item slot, I'd use this item in my core build. You may have noticed that I have strayed from +armor items as well. Armor is great and I would love some, but there isn't enough inventory space for it in my eyes, which is why armor runes are very sexy. Try this item out if you want.

- Banshee Veil -

This item is giving you survivability, perhaps too much survivability. Since you already have Mercury Trends, the actual spell shield isn't as delicious on Singe as you may first think. Still, the stats Veil provides make it a good option if you are somehow miraculously being stomped by a pissed off Annie, Anivia or Ryze.

- Guardian Angel -

It's an oddball item, but it's one hell of a fun final item to choose. The fact that Singe can be such a thorn in a rival team's side makes getting one of these babies a hilarious prospect. Having a Singe come back to life and toss you is aggravating to say the least. This item will give you a lot of armor, along with some more MR as well passive.

Elixer of Choice


Singe Strategy

Mastering Singe is really about how you physically move him around. You'll want to gas all of those minions early game while looking for some champion kills. Mid-game, you can consider switching lanes for ganks, while getting a buff in the jungle in between as well. Singe can jungle at a decent rate with nearly no mana, so consider breaking away from lanes to kill a few creeps before pilling back to base. He's not a fast jungler like some other champions are, but at the same time, you really don't want to jungle that much in the first place. Keep yourself in a lane and power push it by running past minions and towers with your gas on. You can also use teleport to assist allies by making a fast lane switch and running down fleeing enemies by speeding up and using toss.

In team battles, you'll want to gas everyone while tossing the weakest champions away from his team or just tossing them for the hell of it to deal damage to them. Use Mega Adhesive on clusters of enemy champions or fleeing targets. Ghost will help you move through a hectic warzone very easily and of course, pop Insanity before any fight to pump yourself up. Auto attack some when needed to apply some more damage and pop your cooldowns to bob and weave in and out of fights when your focus fired.


AP/MR Singe is really fun as heck for me to play. You should give it a shot and if you play Singe well, you'll be very surprised with the results. MR is nothing to sneeze at, and you'll see why after playing this build.

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