How i play annie - by Sickarius

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Sorry if I make mistakes, je suis french, my english's not perfect.

So, I consider Annie as my main, I've played her alot in my short LOL Experience and tried a few thing that so far worked like a charm.

With runes i go mainly cooldown reduce, magic pen and Ap.

As for masteries, i prefer putting most of my points into utility (im only lvl 13 now but you can judge my post after ready it all). 

-Health and mana regen because I like to have a little more regen with masteries and focus my runes and items somewhere else. 

-Increased Exp gained : On the long run it can make a good difference, even more while solo laning and getting the first kill/advantage against your oppenent.
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- Greed:...More cash, i dont know how much of a diff it makes tho.

-Quickness: Higher base movement speed can help a lot to get the edge over a running oppenent earlier, or escaping a deadly fight. Flash helps alot with all that too.

-Intelligence : Reduced cooldown rocks, cause Annie's cooldown aren't long and they are not even funny for the other team when they can be casted more often in a fight.

After all that i don't know where ill go in masteries, but sure ill go for more AP, more cooldown reduce, more magic pen, so ill pretty much take Offense.

Now ill tell you how i play, giving some strat and items.

I'm always starting with :

Sapphire Crystal
+200 Mana

While giving me a nice 200 mana right at the start of the game, it is one item required for what i consider the most important item for leveling, and there it is :

Catalyst the Protector

+425 Health +325 Mana 
Passive: Restores 425 Health and 325 Mana upon leveling up.

Reagents: Ruby Crystal, Sapphire Crystal

The restore health and mana upon leveling on this item is very nice for a lot of thing. First of all you don't have to port back at your base for mana all the time, so you can stay on the Field and level even more. That constant mana and health gain make that you can cast alot more on champions to harass more and maybe get a few kill earlier. If you can get the first blood, you can have that item before lvl 6.

I'm playing annie , mainly solo laning, with Flash and incinerate to harass as soon as possible, preferably at lvl 2 when i have incinerate and disintegrate. 

I get incinerate at lvl one, than stay at the shop to stack a stun with incinerate, since you can cast it without targets and you get your mana back, cause you're at the shop ! It is pretty quick and you can be in possition in your lane before mobs have spawned.

So, take your 
Sapphire Crystal, and get into position. 

For the first level, i play carefull, just if I was scared of the other one in front of me, baiting him, getting killing shot with auto attack on monster and landing a few auto attack on the enemy champions. I'm NOT using incinerate at all cause I have a stun ready, and simply waiting for lvl 2 to come, and it's really quick

Lvl 2, now the party's starting.
That where the aggressivity's starting, and really hard. As soon as i can I flash behind the opponent and make fire rain on him.

I open with disintegrate( wich I took at lvl 2), and the stun procs.
Than incinerate for a nice amount of Dmg.
Shoot your ignite( summoner spell)
By the time the stun wears off, incinerate and ignite should have been casted. 
Stay close to you opponent and cast him another disintegrate.

This should either kill most of the champion(if you landed a few auto attack) or make them **** in their pants of fear.

If he died, look at your cash, cause first blood gives a nice amount of money, and go buy 
Catalyst the Protector Asap. If not, well the other one will surely stay far behind or port back home, wich prevent him from getting money from kills and maybe Exp, ginving you a nice advantage and blah blah blah.

From now, harass as much as you can with auto attack and incinerate, land as much killing blow on mobs with desintegrate ( that skill hurt a LOT and you don't have to wait for the mobs to have only 10 Hp to get the killing blow)and watch your stun to get another chunck of the enemy's life, if not a kill. At lvl 3, i sugest to get one rank of molten shield, wich is cheap in mana and helps charging stun.

Lvl 4 plus skill priority : Tibbers > disintegrate > incinerate >molten sheild.

Lvl 6 Tibbers = Gank fest, if well used.

So if you have 
Catalyst the Protector, you get Tibbers and at least 325 mana to nuke someone's ass.
If not, watch your mana, kill stuff with disintegrate and get Tibbers at 6.

And from now on, im pretty much doing the same for the rest of the game. I stack a stun, drop tibbers on someone's head(stun), disintegrate, incinerate, run after, disintegrate, molten sheild every now and then for another charge. This hit for a LOT, usualy enough to get a kill. If you had flash and ignite rdy, it's GG.

Why starting with Tibbers? Well cause it can Aoe stun, do a LOT of dmg and i can get even closer to my target, shooting everything cause im in range. If i open with him, well Tibbers doesnt have to walk for 2 sec to lend some hits.

If you ever get chased, or are fleing away, always cast your stuff to get the chance to get that stun that could save your life.

I prior leveling faster than everyone else until 12-14, after that, i have a good advance in lvls, i gank every now and than, get cash and get those items for a better killing.

In order :

Sorcerer's Shoes

+15 magic pen.
UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2

Go faster = more kill.

Mejai's Soulstealer

+70 Ability Power 
UNIQUE Passive: Upon killing a Champion, permanently gain 10 Ability Power and steal all of the target's mana.

Why i like this item is because it give you more Ap than rod of ages, and even more wich each kills. It aslo VERY good because of the mana steal upon kill, helps alot in 1v1 or group fights, cause you're always ready for the next kill, you have Mana!!.

Rylai's Sceptre

+500 Health +500 Mana +80 Ability Power 
Passive: Give your spell a slow effect (35%) for 1.75 S , 15% with Aoe spells.

More healt, more Ap, and a Frincking good slow to cast more spell before getting out of range, what alse to say.

If your opponent haven,t surrendered yet, well im getting something in all that, depending on the enemy team.

Zhonya's Ring

+500 Mana +100 Ability Power 
UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 25%

Mana, ap, and more Ap...god item.

Frozen Heart

+110 Armor +500 Mana 
UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 25% and reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 25%.

Ability cooldown reduce , armor, mana :P:P:P, casting more often is more dmg than just raw + AP.
Taking that item if there's alot of melee opponent.

Now use Tibbers well to tank towers, push lanes very quickly and nuke some faces.

Thank for reading this!

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