Gangplank build - by Blurry Cloud

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All furor runes, +crit damage (+55% damage)
They are a rare effect. And the only item that has them is infinity edge.
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Go for malice runes, +crit chance if you want more early game advantage.
I don't find cooldown runes to be much use, as a reduction in cooldown of 5% of 5 seconds is not really significant.
So it really only reduces your ultimate cooldown.
But both +crit chance and cooldown reduction can be easily bought in game. Brutalizer and cloak of agility.


21 points in offense is a must. 9 points anywhere else you deem fit.
Grab Arcane Knowledge for the 15% magic penetration.
I believe it works with parley.
As well as the Rally upgrade if you use it.


Good ones,...
Rally, for heal and damage boost to your gun, good for fortifying your position outside the enemys tower
Clairvoyance, good to spot for your ultimate, and to avoid ganks.
Teleport, good for efficient farming.

Decent ones,...
Heal, you already have scurvy. Not much use late game unless for team heals.
Flash, pirate is a glass cannon, i don't find it useful to flash in, and your scurvy already cancels most stuns to run away.


Cannon Barrage > Parley > Scurvy > Morale
I usually start maxing out morale after level 3 or 4 scurvy, as morale is more powerful at the end game.


1. Meki, Mana Potion, Mana Potion.
2. Avarice blade, avarice blade, boots of whatever you want.
3. Infinity Edge, starting from cloak or BFsword, depending on how much money you have.
4. Phage, a must to add survivability.
5. Zeal, to add a bit more crit chance then brutalizer.
6. Triforce or frozen mallet depending on your taste.
5. Phantom dancer and life steal.

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