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Introduction: Pantheon, is one of my favorite characters in the game - He takes alot of skill to play well, and brings good damage and utility to a team. However, there are many misconceptions on how to play this character, I'm going to try clearing these up.
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-In order to succeed with pantheon, you need to be able to play aggressively.
-You need to engage team fights right after the tank.
-You need to keep the map unlocked at all times, and check up on your teammates when you are not in danger.
EARLY GAME: you should find a partner with croud-control, e.g. slow. As pantheon has very little by-himself. Get spearshot first and wait in the bushes. If an enemy walks in, throw your spear and auto attack, than throw another spear as he runs to the turret if he hasnt died. The optimal teamates for pantheon are Eve, sion, ryze. ashe,blitz, and nasus.

-Your leveling order should be, Q,W,E. And than level E,Q,W to 5 in that order. The exception is level 6,11,16. These levels you get your ult instead.
If your mana pool allows, use spear shot to last hit minions. Also use it to harass low armor enemy champs. When an enemy champ hits 50% hp, stun him with aegis of zenoia, open up heartseeker strike and end with spear shot/ignite if he runs. Note, your passive will block a tower shot, use this to pick off low hp champs.

MIDGAME: Early game was the hardest part, by now you should have the damage required to kill any enemy champ(non tank) under 50% hp. Continue laning, harrasing and killing enemy champs. By now you have your ult. Use it to dive unprotected towers(with a minion wave ofc) and, cut off enemy champs.

ENDGAME: By now you have some mean damage, and should be able to 1v1 almost anyone(Expeptions are jax, poppy, ryze, tanks). IF you are in a teamfight, aegis the squishiest carry, than open up heartseeker TOWARDS the rest of the team. Once the fight is concluded, use spearshot, aegiss and ghost to pick off the stragglers. Also, by now you can kill a tower really **** fast. Backdoor. Its what pantheon is best at.
Picking the items in this order is very important.

-Brutalizer>Boots of swiftness>infinity edge(get the +crit peice last)>Frozen malet>Bloodthirster
If the other team has either rammus, or malphite get last whisper over frozen mallet.

-If you have twisted fate, or a stealth unit and can see the enemy baroning. Count how much dps the other team is doing, than jump baron just as it hits around 600-700 hp. Once you get the buff, ghost the **** out.

-If your team is capable of holding off the other teams push 4v5, and you have a creep wave at their inner turret you should jump it and take it out. Take out inhibitors with skyfall backdoor too. However, if the oposing team suddenly goes mia, they are prolly coming to 5 man gank you.

-If your team wins a teamfight, and very low hp straglers run back to base via a lane. Jump on them and **** them up. If ghost isnt up, jump infront of them just to make sure you can get them.

-The hardest champion you will go against is jax, since he can dodge all of your attacks, and hit through your aegis. If the enemy jax is even half decent, avoid him at all costs. Also, avoid ryze as he will make you unable to attack, and prolly kill you in 1 spell cycle.

-If your team is getting a tower pushed, jump directly on top of it to scare off the enemy. Also, if super minions are clouding your base, jump them to protect the inhib.

-Timing is key on pantheon, if you are low hp, being chased by a carry with speed boost- Jump him than run.

-Blitzcrank/pantheon is a very anoying combo.

-Use ghost and ignite as your summoner spells ALWAYS

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