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This guide is for you to learn the basics of Twitch.
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It's not obvious how to use this champion. Many players die like flies with him. This champion's reputation is very bad right now. Many players will be unhappy when they see that you chose to play Twitch : however, you can prove them wrong.


Ambush (Active) Q

Stealth, 1.5 seconds delay. Boost attack rate for 10 seconds if you exit stealth by attacking.

This skill is your signature. It's a multi-purpose ability that can benefit your whole team.
Obviously, you'll use it to approach an opponent and attempt a kill
  1. Hide yourself to avoid being ganked

But also, you need to be a team-player

  • scout the zones from where the enemy may be incoming, while your team is destroying a turret. You're an extra moving sight ward that can avoid a desastrous fight between two players

There's one thing that I want you to remember from this skill, stealth = mobility

Debilitating Poison (Active) W

Slows nearby enemy champions' move speed by 20%, plus 10% per Deadly Venom they have.
This move is great. It's another multi-purpose ability. You can use it to slow one or many champions at once. Twitch usually initiates fights, because you're stealthed most of the time. If the opponent tries to flee, this ability keeps them in range.

However, you need to be a team-player. If a champion in your team is being chased, this ability may save him. Try to predict where the chase is going, shoot once or twice at the opponent and trigger the slow. It doesn't matter if you don't have the firepower to kill this particuliar opponent : «*!*& go and slow. Your slow can affect many champions. Twitch is supposed to be an assassin, but he also is able to save an ally from 2-3 opponents and go back into the shadows.

Expunge (Active) E

Each nearby enemy afflicted with Deadly Venom is dealt damage, plus additional damage per Deadly Venom stack. This purges the poison from the target.
This is your finisher. It purges the poison, so you want to use Debiliting Poison first. You can stack up to 6 venom charges before triggering Expunge. The range on this ability is great, you can often finish an opponent that actually left your range of sight.
Spray and Pray (Active) R
Extra 550 range. Fires line missiles. Attacks deal 100% damage to the first target hit, and 70% damage to all others. Lasts 7 seconds.
Your ultimate move.. is not ultimate at all. If you try to use it against an opponent, he usually dodges all your attacks. 

Twitch is an assassin, usually assisting the team everywhere on the map. Because of this, you may want to use this ultimate ability to farm. I like to use it against 12+ minions to quickly dispose of them and proceed to the next gank. It's a good way to avoid being outleveled.

Also, it does increase your range : this ability lets you deal damages to a group of champions from a great distance. I'll use Spray and Pray when I find myself defending a turret alone against 3+ champions, the goal here is to dispose of the minions and do minor harassing on champions.

Twitch's ultimate ability is very situational. In a few specific team fights, it can be devastating. For 1 vs 1 fights, avoid this ability.
.....Suggested ability guide.....

Q : Ambush 
W: Debilitating Poison 
E: Expunge 
R: Spray and Pray 

  • Unlike many heroes, Twitch's first skill is really up to you. If you feel like surprising your opponent, you can pick Q : Ambush. When my lanemate is Alistar, I like picking W: Debilitating Poison first, slow an opponent so that Alistar can stun.

Usually, I pick :

Many players avoid R on level 6 but I like to Spray and Pray the opposing minions before I go to the shop for the first time in the game. It pushes the lane a little bit and thus, it protects the tower for the short while I'm gone.

.....Items build.....

Various items are good on your Twitch champion. Usually, you want to increase your attack rate and damage. It's probably best if you avoid spending on life-stealing items, they can't be bad but you need to spend as much gold as possible in your direct firepower. Twitch's survivability is his firepower and his stealth ability, not armor and life-steal. However, in many games you'll want to grab some magic armor. It depends on who you're fighting.

If you're a beginner, you can follow the recommended items build. Add health potions from time to time in the early game. They let you stay on the battlefield for much longer.

.....Runes and Masteries.....

In the previous section, I told you how Twitch's survavilibity comes from his firepower and his stealth ability. This applies not only to items but to runes and masteries aswell.

Err.. I do cheat this a little bit. Twitch is fragile. In the early game, it's easy to harass you. I'm currently playing Twitch with 3 Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. That's 122 extra health points at lvl 1.
Other good choices for runes :
  • Attack rates
  • Crit rate and damage %

As for masteries, I suggest you get Havoc at the very bottom of the offensive list.
Also try to get these :
  • masteries that give bonus to the 2 summoner spells that you will use
  • 4 ranks of Awareness (Utility) to avoid being outleveled

Extra tips / gameplay

This guide is in progress, this is the section I edit for when I want to quickly add tips on Twitch without messing with the rest of the guide.
  • In the early game, you can farm by hiting once most of the minions, then hit once or twice the opposing champion and trigger Expunge. If you practice, you can farm 1, 2 or even 3 minions and harass the opponent at the same time.
  • Twitch very often reaches areas of the map that are very dangerous to champions that can't stealth. A summoner ability like clairvoyance is great, because putting wards in dangerous zones is easier for Twitch than any other champion. Also, it's just a great summoner ability that every team needs. I strongly suggest flash or teleport as 2nd summoner spell.
  • When the game loads, take note of which champions have clairvoyance in the opposing team.
  • There's another guide on Twitch at

....Conclusion..... :

Twitch has a bad reputation : many players pick him because stealth makes it easy to steal kill. However, this strategy does not help your team. I hope you can use my guide and improve yourself as a teamplayer.

Thank you for reading this. My primary langage is not english and thus, it's obvious there are many spelling mistakes in this guide. If you want some of them corrected, contact me on the IRC channel. The same applies if you want to discuss Twitch, or LoL in general.

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