Blitzcrank - The Steam Golem - by Vukusa and Zoobi

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Without further ado here's my guide to Blitzcrank.


* Hero analysis
* Abilities
* Summoner Skills
* Runes and Mastery Tree
* Items
* Last Thoughts


Blitzcrank is a carry, but he also has many disables. In my build I go for items that increase his survivability over damage early on because he has so much burst potential even without damage items.


Rocket Grab(Q): Blitzcrank fires his right hand, if it encounters an enemy unit it will stun them and deal X Magic Damage while he pulls them to himself.

Note: Rocket Grab has 1:1 ability ratio.
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1 - 60 Damage 20 second cooldown
2 - 120 Damage 19 second cooldown
3 - 180 Damage 18 second cooldown
4 - 240 Damage 17 second cooldown
5 - 300 Damage 16 second cooldown

Overdrive(W): Blitzcrank super charges himself to increase movement speed by X and attack speed by X. However when this effect ends his movement speed is decreased by 25% for 3 seconds. 20 Second Cooldown

1 - 16% Movement Speed 30% Attack Speed
2 - 20% Movement Speed 38% Attack Speed
3 - 24% Movement Speed 46% Attack Speed
4 - 28% Movement Speed 54% Attack Speed
5 - 32% Movement Speed 62% Attack Speed

Powerfist(E): Blitzcrank charges his fist to make his next attack deal double damage and pop his target into the air.

1 - 8 Second Cooldown
2 - 7 Second Cooldown
3 - 6 Second Cooldown
4 - 5 Second Cooldown
5 - 4 Second Cooldown

Static Field(R): Passive: Lightning arcs off of blitzcrank to hit a random nearby enemy for X Magic Damage every 3.5 seconds. Activating removes passive until Static Field becomes available again. 45 Second Cooldown
Active: Deal X Magic Damage and silence for X seconds.

Note: Passive has .3:1 Ability ratio and active has 1:1 Ability ratio.

1 - Passive: 100 Damage, Active: 200 damage 3 second silence
2 - Passive: 200 Damage, Active: 300 damage 4 second silence
3 - Passive: 300 Damage, Active: 400 damage 5 second silence

Passive: Mana Barrier - Blitzcrank's Mana Barrier can activate once a minute when he hits 200 Health. This creates a Mana Shield, which absorbs damage dealt to Blitzcrank, up to 50% of his current mana, lasts 10 seconds and refunds any unspent mana.

1. Rocket Grab
2. Power Fist
3. Rocket Grab
4. Power Fist
5. Power Fist
6. Static Field
7. Power Fist
8. Rocket Grab
9. Power Fist
10. Rocket Grab
11. Static Field
12. Rocket Grab.
13. Overdrive
14. Overdrive
15. Overdrive
16. Static Field
17. Overdrive
18. Overdrive

Overdrive early on can get you killed more than score you a kill or earn you a getaway, this is why I neglect skilling it up until absolutely neccessary. Powerfist is your bread and butter farm and damage/cc skill which is why I skill it up as much as possible to reduce its cooldown. Rocket grab damage is nice, but it is mostly there for its pull.

Summoner Skills:

Summoner skills are always personal preference, I prefer to go with Flash and Ghost for chase/flee ability. I improve ghost with my mastery build.


I use Critical Chance in every slot but the seals(yellow). I use Health/Level in the seal slots. 
The reason behind this is because with power fist I can score some easy early game kills when it crits for 160+ combined with rocket grab damage. Also it helps your mid game damage when you're focusing on building survivability instead of damage.


I go 21/0/9 for the extra critical chance, critical damage, and extra damage. 

Tier 1: 3/3 Deadliness 3/3 Archmage's Saavy 1/1 Improved Ghost 3/3 Perseverance
Tier 2: 4/4 Sorcery 4/4 Alacrity 4/4 Awareness
Tier 3: 1/1 Greed
Tier 4: 3/3 Brutal Force
Tier 5: 3/3 Lethality
Tier 6: 1/1 Havoc


Boots of Swiftness
Frozen Mallet
Infinity Edge
Caster Heavy Team: Banshee's Veil - Carry Heavy Team: Frozen Heart
Phantom Dancer

Start off with Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potions. Farm your lane and try to score early game kills, but do not put yourself in too much danger. Save until 1210 gold if possible 
and head back to base and build sheen plus get the boots to build into Boots of Swiftness. Once you get boots of swiftness it's time to start ganking. From there just follow my item build and you will be a successful Blitzcrank. Chances are you won't make it to the 2nd survivability item before the game is over with.

Early game:

Play defensively! Do not engage enemy champions until they present an opening to rocket grab and power fist combo them. Try your hardest to farm up enough to get sheen and the regular boots before heading back. After you get your boots of swiftness feel free to start running around and ganking. Boots of Swiftness are a must because Blitzcrank is one of the slowest melee champions in the game. Rocket grab into power fist is your bread and butter combo, once you get static field you can couple that into the combo for some sick burst which with a teammate or 2 is enough damage/cc to kill any champion outright.

Mid game:

Continue ganking when possible, but if you see an oppurtunity to push a lane, do it. 
Blitzcrank has the awesome ability to drop towers quickly with power fist doubling your physical damage combined with sheen. Doing 350+ Damage a powerfist to a tower is a quick way to drop a tower and get out. It will take some time to get aiming rocket grab on a moving target down who is trying to juke it, but with enough practice you will be pulling enemy champions into a gank in no time. In team fights don't use Static Field to gank one target, use it when as many champions as possible are close to you as the aoe silence is devastating, especially to caster teams.

Late game:

Late game is essentially the same as mid game, by this time you should have your infinity edge together. You will be powerfist critting for 1000 on enemy champions and laying down tons of disables to boot. Blitzcrank is again, an amazing tower pusher with his 4 second cooldown power fist. Always try to keep the Golem Elder spawns on lockdown because you will need the added regen and turning 4 second powerfists into 3 second power fists in addition to your other cooldowns is amazing.


Blitzcrank is easily the best champion introduced this patch. He has disables in every skill except for overdrive and high damage to boot. With my item build you will be able to survive all but the toughest of onslaughts from enemy champions. Practice makes perfect with rocket grab and you will be one tough steam golem to reckon with.

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