Malphite Jungling Guide - by ChronicleX

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Jungling Malphite has alot of positives over Warrick or any other jungler, of which I shall list. Keep the following in mind.

The Positives
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1 - Not Dependant on Damage or AP. Like Fiddlesticks he is not dependant on Damage or AP to jungle.

2 - Low Risk. Unlike other junglers you are a Tank Hero and ganking you will be extremely hard for anyone todo. Granite Shield recharges between camps lowering the overall damage you take by a ton.

3 - Better Team Presence. Once you leave the jungle you have at your disposal a Ranged AoE stun that puts you in a tanking position, a spamable -Attack speed debuff and a single target slow, and they HURT =P

4 - You Overpower other junglers. If you happen to find yourself 1v1 at level 1 vs another jungler you will win. That simple. Only 1 who "might" cause you trouble is a Fiddlesticks, but not if you dodge his lifeleeching ability before you start pounding on him. The non caster junglers of Rammus, Jax, Blitzcrank and the "so called best jungler" Warick will cower in fear. If Warick is a king, Malphite is an Overlord.

The Negatives

1 - Dependant on Smite. Without smite jungling will be very hard for you early on, as your damage output without the Golem Buff is very low.

2 - Dependant on Golem Buff. Without it, You cant spam Ground slam meaning you cannot kill neutrals meaning you cannot jungle. If you do not have the Golem buff you will be forced to lane as you will jungle too slow, even if you use Mana Potions.

3 - Cannot Solo Baron. So dont even try it! =P

The Basics

Starting Items

1x Cloth Armour
5x Health Potion

This method requires that you have a crap load of armour, be it from runes/masteries you will want to have about 60 armour without items. Just keep your HP up and you should be fine.

Recommended Runes + Masteries

9/0/21 is staple, getting the -9% cooldown from masteries and then filling up with the remaining 6% from runes, giving you the max of -40% when you slay the golem. This reduces your Ground Slam cooldown to 4.8 seconds, which is essential to farm with, as it is your main source of damage and it improves your Effective Hitpoints as it makes neutrals attack you slower. Dodge also helps alot, but at level 1 you want armour. You can get +37 from runes if you put all of red/yellow/quint into it

Recommended Summoner Spells.

1 - Smite - THIS IS A MUST. Without smite, I would not recommend going to jungle. 
2 - Heal - You are tanking neutrals so you will be taking alot of damage, this also helps protect you against ganks.
3 - Rally - Not as Good as Heal IMO as it is not instant and you are not dependant on Physical damage to kill neutrals. However it is still good and does allow you to have a better team presence.
4 - Ghost - Does not help you jungle, but can be very useful in escaping ganks and ganking.

**** Note that without the Smite/Heal combo you run into the same problems Amumu does, and will not be able to take on the golem/lizard until level 3. ****


Take Ground Slam at level 1, Brutal Strikes at level 2. For level 3 onwards the priority is to Max Ground Slam followed by Sesmic Shard, taking Unstopable Force at level 6-11-16. Brutal Strikes level 1 is taken early on because it is cheap to use and 30% extra damage 66% of the time for 55 mana is a bargin, not the mention to the 30% cleave. However after getting 30% at level 1 the Cleave + damage boosts scale by only 5/10% per level and the mana cost goes up a ton, hence this skill is maxed last.

Items of Choice

Personally the new Item Heart of Gold is just perfect. HP, Armour and gold/5 sec is great. It allows you to be a little more tanky early on and it pays itself back lategame. I normally get 2 of these now before I work my way up to other defensive items, depending on the situation.

Basic Jungle Procedure

Spam Ground Slam, keep your HP up, use Brutal Stikes when you have the spare mana. Don't forget to let your Granite Shield recharge Between camps. Start with the Golem, then work your way around. Once you have 700 gold blue pill and buy a heart of gold, and at level 5 go solo the dragon IF you still have the Lizard + Golem buff. You need both buffs todo it. Once you hit level 6, start ganking like a madman whenever Unstopable Force is off cooldown.

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