Jax - The Armsmaster

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The most prolific tournament fighter at the Institute of War, the self-proclaimed "Grandmaster at Arms" rattled off a streak of consecutive wins 152 long.

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No one had ever achieved even half of that number before, but what made it even more remarkable was that he did so while fighting only 152 matches.

Concerned the peace accords that ended the Rune Wars would be threatened by a fighter who was unbeatable in the arena, the League hastily banned Jax from the arena all together. But in the spirit of the Institute, the League eventually relented, stating that a champion's skill was no reason to remove a realm's access to the governing powers of the tournaments.

Jax was reinstated, but with one rule: He is only allowed to fight with weapons the League deems suitable. For now, that list includes a lamppost, a chicken's foot, a spatula, and a fishing rod.


Icon Ability Description
Empower (Active) Jax charges his weapon, granting him bonus damage each second for up to 4 seconds, and deals area of effect damage.
Leap Strike (Active) Jax leaps to attack to an enemy dealing additional damage.
Counter Strike (Active) Permanently increases Jax's dodge chance. After dodging an attack Counter Strike will become activatable, stunning and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
Relentless Assault(Active) Jax's physical attack on units increases his attack speed for a short duration, and deals bonus damage on every fourth consecutive strike.
Weapon Mastery(Passive) Jax's incredible understanding of weaponry increases physical damage gained through items.

642days since
Season One launched

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