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Amumu, the sad mummy, the tank/mage. 

With his spamable Tantrum and Magic resist debuff he can really dish the dmg to people if they let him.  This has been one build type I've used for him before and it has worked well. 


First off ill start with items since thats one of the key elements in making a build.


Philosophers stone: first item I get helps you stay in lanes longer, and generates Cash whats not to like.

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Sorcerers boots: Yes this is a deviation to alot of peopls mentality of EM3 over EM2 but with any luck you won't be doing any running or chasing besides bandage toss.


Banshee Veil: With the amount of disables I see flying around in games why settle for anything less than a spell resist/blocker. 


Sheen(later on lichbane): good dps increaser for ability spammers both melee and AP dmg, and lichbane can make up for lesser movement on your boots.


Sunfire Cape: well its a simple fact that your a tank at heart and it is awesome on Amumu. Although you can wait to get it if you want seeing how this is an AP guide.


Archangels Staff: mass amounts of mana and gain %2 of that returned as AP this is good with banshee veil and lichbane juicing it more. 

Other Items of Note can be alternated in or replace lesser items late in the game like philosophers stone, and depending on what you have on your team and what the enemy has will likely determine what items you do get, try and stay fluid with it.

Rylai's sceptre: its a bit of a pain to get unless you do it early on, but 500health 500mana 80ap and slows after an Ability use.  It's a casters Frozen mallet, and that means less escapies. Good to have extra Health

Force of nature: excellent defensive item for anyone.

Warmog's armor: I like to replace the philsophers stone with Warmog's better health regen Tons of health and best of all its super easy to charge with amumu, and it gives alot of health and health regen once it is.

Chalice of Harmony: If you are having problems with mana this could replace Philosophers stone, and should solve the problem.

Rod Of Ages: Good HP/Mana and ap, you'll wanna get it earlier on so that it can charge up. It takes about 20 mins.

Abyssal Scepter: Straight up AP, magic resist very nice.

Mercury treads: If the other team has alot of slowers/Casters can be a good replacement for Sorcerer's Boots.

Ok Now on to Masteries...

I usally go 9/21/0


Archmage's Savvy 3:  More AP as you level easy to understand.

Plentiful Bounty 1:  This will help with your jungling and slaughtering waves witch I will cover later, and in gaining money for those shiny items you want. Besides you need 4 in tier 1.

Sorcery 4: not that your gona need it for tantrum but it will help with the rest and also its a prerequisite for archaic Knowledge.

Archaic Knowledge 1: Magic penetration 15%, what every Ability user loves.


Mender's Faith 1: Increases your heal for those lower lvls and decreases its cooldown.

Resistance 3: Magic resistance Yum.

Hardiness 3: Armor is just as nice and its a prerequisite for Hardened skin.

Evasion 4: Dodge Bonus easy to understand that isnt it.

Nimbleness 1: Speed boost when you dodge. always nice.

Hardened Skin 3: With tantrum this skill here is Beutifull!

Defensive mastery 0: thats right with hardened skill and tantrum your not gona be taking any dmg from minions so this skill is pointless. So No waisted points in it.

Ardor 3:  More AP and attack speed for that magic resistance debuff Sweetsauce!

Tenacity 1: less damage not hard to understand I hope.

Now you might have noticed I skipped some masteries in there. That is because its a personal preference to most I usually go with Strength of Spirit 2 or Veteran's Scars 2 with my preference being Strength of spirit, but not by much.

Now ill Breifly cover Runes.

Most people have 3 different pages most people have themes on them Offence, Defence, Ability boosting, or what ever you have. Simply enough to go with the Ability page here with Ability power and penetration or what ever you have on it.


I usually go with Smite for Jungling and Heal. Smite with your mastery helps a bit with Gold production as well. You might say Greed would produce more gold and you don't even have to do anything, but you wouldnt be taking into account that this will speed up your Pushes and jungling killing mobs and giving you more money for the kill shot.

If your not jungling its easy to switch out Smite for exhaust. The blind is good for Jax, Yi, and other auto attackers, and the slow is good for catching prey or for retreats.

Some people prefer Flash or Ghost. These are good ones as well.


Although with an AP build, your bandage toss will be doing some pretty decent damage so its understandable if you up it before despair. If your doing well with your AP build however your Despair should be getting close to 5% of your targets health a second. witch is hard to not think twice about. Many times ive killed ppl running from me with despair turned on trailling them several inches behind them.

The fact remains though that Tantrum is definately your bread and butter for Amumu Use it when ever you can and keep in the middle of people and/or creeps for maximum effect. It should do noticable damage to heroes and creeps alike even without AP adding to it, and is very spamable especially in big fights. You shouldn't be taking damage from the creeps either with this so its easier to chase down some one and beat them down with their wave as well in between towers or even at the tower. but be carefull since your a little lighter on the HP area then if you were a tank build Amumu.


Amumu is a damn good little Jungle Monkey, and the key is tantrum so Hopefully you listened to the skills section and got it. Regen amulet helps keep you going, With tantrum you can take most camps out fairly fast I like to start with wraith's. Start by smiting the big Sucker soon as he spawns, Cha Ching cash. Follow it up immediately with a tantrum this knocks the rest of there lives down about half way. The will die just as their beating on you refreshes your tantrum and you will be sitting with minimal damage. You will also be close to lvling. You can then poke your head out into the middle lane and keep the enemy from getting to frisky with your teamate or simply move on either way you can make it out there before the creeps have killed a thing yet.

You can then proceed to whoop up on some Wolves pretty straight forward tantrum and beat on the big dog. after this you can pill back and heal and buy next part of Your Philosopher's stone the Meki pendant (mana regen). 

After this the rest of the camps are pretty straight forward seeing as you have lvled probly pretty quick. Smite bigger mobs as you beat the crap outa them and tantrum the little ones into submission. You can also pop out periodically and stun some opponents, and finish them off with your teamates. Its alot easier to hit some one with bandage toss when they arn't expecting it from the side.

Pushing Lanes:

Its pretty easy to turn on despair run through the melee creeps and get the ranged ones in tantrum range and BAM! kill the wave. If there is a cannon creep in there simply smite it and keep trucking. This isnt as fast as say Singed just sprinting down a lane with his poison turned on, but it works well enough.

This should keep your lane on the offensive beating on their hero or their tower. If its at a tower you can simple run up beat on the tower untill another way starts to show then run up take it out and return to the tower this should keep your creeps alive long enough for reinforcement waves to show up.

Hero Fights:

Your an excellent Catalyst in fights. You can bandage toss in and start wailling away on them with tantrum while your heros charge in behind you. Soon as they realize its a full on fight you can Use your Ultimate:Curse of the sad mummy and Boom half of their life is ticking away. Once again becarefull of your lower hitpoints and be ready to hit heal if the need arises. Or even funnier is allowing a Blitzcrank to pull you in so you can whoop him or taking the rocket grab for a teamate. Curse them stunning them and tantrum and restun one that you dont like with bandage toss.

One On One if your realitively not out leveled by your enemy you should be ok to take on just about anyone especially those pesky Jax players (AEs are undodgable). Ryze will curse you because he has to waste one of his abilities to get around your banshee veil, and eliminating his combo of root and nuke. Thus giving you the chance you need to whoop him.Evelyn heh simply tantrum her down and watch her run just to restun her with bandage toss or curse.

I've used these tactics to Carry teams through a win, and I've gone 2 vs 5 having a 26 kills 6 deaths 3 assists and 399 creep kills in a game. Even though the one other was gone for around 15 minutes. I've Won 9 out of 10 fights with it and the lose Was with newer players (lvl 6 was the highest). So it does work!

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