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10/16/2009 - GOA & Riot Rescind IP Restriction Decision

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As reported by Tecumseh, The European Community Manager at GOA (and my msn buddy!).  What follows here is an incredible example of a game company and publisher that both listens and takes action based on their users feedback!  Congratulations to GOA and RIOT and to all the users who pushed hard for this outcome!


GOA & Riot Rescind IP Restriction Decision

We recently announced a decision to restrict access to the North American game service for players who have a European IP address. After the announcement, there has been a large amount of feedback regarding the decision that reinforced a central tenet that both GOA and Riot strongly believe in – community is paramount and our aim is to provide a great service to players. 
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GOA and Riot have been discussing this issue in advance of the announcement and we have been continuously challenged with coming up with viable technical and operational solutions to make player channeling unnecessary. 

Due to the massive player response, GOA & Riot have jointly decided to revise the decision, and we are changing our position on player channeling. Details of how you can select your community & server of choice will be given to you before the game is released. The very significant technical and operational challenges that relate to the decision not to channel players will be handled seamlessly behind the scenes by Riot and GOA.

GOA and Riot have made this decision to accommodate players with friends in other countries and as we will continuously prove, you are our number one priority.

We look forward to seeing all of you in-game!

Tecumseh & Pendragon

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