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I haven't seen any up-to-date Alistar guides (nor any good guides, outdated or not), so I'm going to attempt at making one. I AM NOT a pro gamer, I don't play a bunch of normal games. I have played some normal games, and I own with Alistar in there as well as the practice games. Don't think you will get a whole bunch of kills though unless you get fed. Your job as Alistar is usually to stun (offensively or defensively), keep people healed, tank like a beast, and one of the most fun, PUNTING! Punting people back to your team is an amazing way to get kills, and once they're back to your team, theyre screwed most of the time.
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Please note: I have never made a guide, nor have I attempted to ever make one.

Alistar at a Glance

Alistar is one of my favorite characters. He is durable and very offensive at the same time, whether you realize it not, you can faceroll with Alistar. A lot of people think that tanks have to get tank items, but thats not the case with probably any of them. Again, this is not a guide to be hardcore, I play practice games, and do not play against high end opponets. Read this guide and play my style and you will do better with him.

Summoner Spells

FLASH/Ghost: If you have Flash, USE IT, USE IT. I can't stress how much this helps you as Alistar. Flashing to someone, stunning them, and hitting them back to your team is such an easy way to get a kill. Use Ghost if you don't have Flash yet. Flash is obtained at level 12

Heal: I prefer to take heal to have even more durability as Alistar, however a lot of people think its not a good spell, and theyre right to some degree. Its just my preference. I dont have to go back to my base very often because of my mana pool/regen as well as my Roar ability.


Meki Pendant + 1 Health Potion + 1 Mana Potion to start
Chalice of Harmony
Boots of Swiftness
Sheen/Zeal/Phage ----> Trinity Force

Notice I only have a few items on that list. The reason being is that my games usually dont last that long with this build. Trinity Force works great for me because Alistar needs a mana pool, more movement speed, attack speed, crit, and a way to snare people. You get all of it with Trinity Force. Chalice of harmony is NECESSARY for Alistar, as you will miss out on a lot of kills without it. Boots of Swiftness are also important, however you can go with Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabai depending on your opponets, its up to you. I prefer Swiftness, because with Tri-Force movement speed and Swiftness speed, I can catch up to people very easily and hit them back to my team. You can go for some tank items after this like Warmogs if you'd like. This is just my preffered order.


Pulverize (Q): An awesome ability. I have saved (and ended) countless lives with this. An aoe stun is always nice. Please note though, that the stun is only slightly over melee range around you. Be aware of that because people can run away easily from it.

Headbutt (W): Like I said before, this ability is just amazing. Pulverize + Headbutt combo is a very nice way to get a kill. The stun is nice because they can't move for around a second and a half or so, and you can position yourself to hit them back the way you want.

Triumphant Roar (E): An okay ability, only really good at the beginning. However, it is a very good ability in the beginning, because you can keep yourself up for a long time (and your lanemate, if you have one).

Colossal Strength (Passive): A nice way to add to the already nice pushing abilites of Alistar, adds 20/40/60% dmg to turrets.

Unbreakable Will (R): The ultimate tanking ability. I don't think it gets any better than this. It breaks debuffs when you cast it. This means - Ashe's stun, any snares, roots, and others. Dont be afraid to use it to get away, it doesn't have a long cooldown. BUT - don't be afraid to use it offensively for extra damage on champions or turrets as well.

Ability Order


After you get your 2 ranks of E at level 3 and 4, focus on Q/W and wait to put more points in to E at the very end

I get Q at first for defensive/offensive stun. It could easily make the difference in getting the first kill (or defending yourself from being the first kill). Then W at level 2 in case people of a chance to kill someone with your Flash combo. You can get E at level 2 if you think you need it. If you're being harassed a lot, or your partner is, whatever, feel free to get E. I usually focus on getting Q and W before leveling E past level 2. You should be able to keep yourself up with just 2 ranks of E. However all situations are different, and you may need to change your strategy. Get your ult of course whenever you can upgrade it.


Early: Dont be too offensive unless your opponet is melee. Even though you will be a beastly tank later, you aren't a god yet. You dont have that much armor or health this early. Use your roar ability whenever its up to keep you and your partner up. Its mana cost is very low and with your meki/chalice you should be fine on mana. The flash + pulverize + headbutt combo is very nice to use by your turrets. Flash behind them, then hit them to your turret, and they will get owned if performed correctly, and the right circumstances are there.

Mid: Around level 10ish its no longer a lane-game anymore in my experience. What I mean by that is, people are moving constantly. Push lanes and gank a lot. You can knock people back towards your side of the lane and help you and your teammates get some kills. Sometimes it isn't a good idea to gank a lot though. Don't fall behind on money/experience.

Late: Push, push push. Alistar is an amazing pusher and can tank turrets very well with his ultimate. Pick the enemy champions off with your flash combo, if they dont have a bunch of disables, and you have your ult/heal up you should be fine to go in to their base and hit someone out from their turret.

This is in progress, and once again, I don't have the slightest experience writing guides, please give constructive feedback. I appreciate you reading this little guide of mine.

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