Taric - The Gem Knight - by Vangu

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Archmages Savvy - 0.60AP per level
Cripple - Buffs Exhaust
Sorcery - 3% CD reduction

Mender's Faith - Increases Heal

Perseverance - 4% total health and mana regain
Good Hands - 10% reduced death time
Expanded Mind - 5% maximum mana
Meditation - Increases Mana regain
Quickness - Increased speed by 3%
Intelligence - 6% CD reduction
Presence Of The Master - 15% off summoner ability cooldowns

My masteries may change if they ever update the defensive mastery tree but at the moment I find utility is more useful.

Skills to increase:

I always get Dazzle first because the odds that you get an early kill are really good if you are in a lane with a good starting DPS such as Jax or Yi. Imbue second for the simple fact that by level two there is a good chance you or your partner will need to be healed and shatter for the early armor bonus. After that as you can see I tend to increase the skill depending on who I am against. Such as if you are against melee you should raise shatter and imbue about even depending on who you are against. If you are against more of a nuke class I suggest trying to keep imbue up a bit to help heal though their damage and try to make them run out of mana before you have to run back to base. On radiance it is really up to you I personally think the first rank does what it needs to do and I focus more on getting imbue and shatter up.

Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold
Frozen Heart
Ninja Tabi
Banshees veil or Guardian armor
(If you really need the buff from the veil get it if it is not a needed thing get guardian)
That is at my 30-40min mark.... If your game ends up lasting for a while after you finish the guardian armor I would personally get warmogs armor as up to now you have no health regain other then your own spell and you will be around 2.5k life depending on mastery and runes (I can say a word on either as I have no runes) so the health and regain will make you amazing hard to kill let alone you will be coming back again. I am not sure if people plan it but I always seem to be the first to die maybe my ult and/or my heal...I am not sure but coming back once dead is a great thing. If your game lasts longer after warmogs I would spell both hearts of gold and get sunfire cape and aegis of the legion. Both are nice things to boost late game and are good cheap items to fill in the last spots...also by then the hearts of gold should have already paid for themselves plus some let alone selling them alone should be enough to finish the aegis if you happen to already have about 800 or so on you. So your items should look like:

30-40 minutes in
Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold
Frozen Heart
Ninja Tabi
Banshees veil or Guardian armor

40+ minutes in
Frozen Heart
Ninja Tabi
Banshees veil or Guardian armor
warmogs armor
sunfire cape
aegis of the legion

I know you wont get to finish this in many games but best to at least have a plan if you do get to this point.

Mana per level
cooldown reduction

Really with all my builds for support classes my rune set-up is the exact same.. but I will alter once we can get runes.

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