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As the title play on words displays, this is Indeed a Ryze Guide, the way i play him.

This build focuses on the Carry, Gank, Hero killing power of a well built/played Ryze.

First an Overview:
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Overload (Active): Ryze unleashes a terrifying energy blast of lightning at a single enemy unit. (this skill will be used later on, for getting that last bit of burst damage Mid to Late game, I personally dont use it Early on)

Arcane Mastery (Toggle): Permanently increases mana pool, and causes attacks to deal magic damage. (This is the first skill you will get, it makes eating creep much easier and is key for a good harass)

Rune Prison (Active): Binds the target with sealing runes, prohibiting movement and attacks, and dealing damage. (your second and Most important skill in killing and 1v1ing an enemy, USE WITH CAUTION, dont waste if there are heroes like YI,Katarina,Warick..and other such "Blinking" heroes, its good to stop them After their blink, or keep them off of Allies in a team fight)

Spell Flux (Active): Releases an orb of pure energy at a target. The orb bounces from the initial target and
continues through 6 bounces. Each bounce which lands upon an enemy deals damage.
(this skill is your most powerful, and can, If used correctly, wipe an entire team out, Almost always gauruntees a kill 1v1)

Desperate Power (Passive): While Ryze's health is below 40%, his ability power is increased. *best mind game passive in the game, let apponent chase untill its triggerd then, Rune Prison and turn the fight arround)

What ever suits you best IMO

I personally use 

21/0/9 for the extra Magic damage/crit/crit damage and AP its very nice

you can go 9/0/21 for the Cooldown stuff though, if thats what you like 


For this i use a Full +AP at 18 page

I will do some testing with +CRITDMG and +AP at 18 or Magic Pen

Skill Build:

Arcane Mastery
Rune Prison
Arcane Mastery
Rune Prison
Rune Prison
Spell Flux
Rune Prison
Rune Prison
Arcane Mastery
Spell Flux
Arcane Mastery/Overload
Overload/Arcane Mastery
Spell Flux
Arcane Mastery


Amplifying Tome
Sorcerers Shoes
(Elixer of Agility/Brilliance)
Blasting Wand
>Lich Bane
>Phantom Dancer
Blasting Wand/Catalyst The Protector
>Rod Of Ages
Blasting Wand
>Guinsoos Rage Blade/Rylai's Scepter/Archangel's Staff
Situational Survival Item(Frozen Heart Physical Heavy/Banshees Veil Caster Heavy)

Why This Build?

With Ryze's Arcane Mastery + a High AP/Attack Speed you will Shred, and i mean SHRED through towers, not only that a Rune Prisoned Enemy will almost always die, even without ult towards Mid Game/End Game. But as always when playing Ryze BE CAREFUL, dont do something stupid like strand yourself without ulti or Rune prison, YOU WILL DIE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TARGETED IN TEAM FIGHTS! Everyone is afraid of Ryze so use this to your advantage. Remember, this build doesnt only require spell casting, All you need is runeprison and your Elixers active, you will Crit for 300+ Early game with just sheen sorcs boots and both elixers. 



1. Try to get the Creep Buffs (Lizard & Golem) if you can, they are really great tools for this build witht he slow and CD/Mana regen

2. If your running from a foe, Try to be smart. Dont use Rune prison until you have close by allies, or you can let lose Rune Prison and overload with your passive active. This will surely change the tides.

3. In team fights, play VERY carefully, hide if you have to, then come out and snare one and have the team wail on em. Or sit back and attack normally and then when their team is together ult and watch em ALL DIE, snare any stragglers gasping for breath

4. Careful, watch your enemies items, Check for +Magic Resist gear, If so, get -Magic Resist items to counter.... also Spell Pen runes will help for this aswell.

5. Remember, tanks arent a problem for CRIT/AP Ryze, his damage is magic based, if they stacked armor they are as squishy as the next. Careful though! watch for +Magic Resist gear, a good tank will get some to counter you.

6. If you have spare change, Buy some elixers, once every four mins is good enough, I buy my first set as soon as i have Sorc boots and Sheen.. its really powerful.

7. Most of all just have fun, And remember, this build may not be for you.. this build IS rather aggressive, if your not an aggressive player, Why the hell did you pick Ryze? lol jk, but seriously Be careful is the biggest thing i can Stress,


With this build, you can, if played right, Cary a team, i do constantly with 25+ kills and 5- deaths, so HAVE FUN!

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