Shen - A DPS GUIDE by Mulaa

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Hi there, English is not my 1st language so I hope u guys can understand my GUIDE someway.

We can see many threads opened up to say about an useless Shen. In fact, I played more than 10 games with him and figured out st interesting about Shen. Most of you could think hes a semi tank. Thats right but not enough.
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IMO, hes can also an DPS with shield, dash and his ulti is sick enough for the enemy to stop trying to kill your team mates or a possible escape.
While he is considered a tank, my build is just for someone that wants try other builds on Shen. I also played Shen as tank sometimes. His unique role in game is not really clear now so just try out st fun on him until we all know exactly his pros and cons. Im still working on a Tank build for him as well. So have fun all ^^

Here is my DPS build

First, I wanna say about what DPS really means. AD or AS? We can have more AD than AS or vice-versa. Its up to u guys. I'm not saying which one is most benefit on DPS Shen.



Lvl 1: Q (a must cause you will be little defensive play style in the beginning and try to last hit)
Lvl 2: W (should be cause you have to survive to farm)
Lvl 3: Q (Should be E if you have early gank with ur lane mate)
Lvl 4: Q and so on

Explanation about skill order:

You now play Shen as a DPS so E is not good when you get it more than lev 1 cause you will need E as an escape and chasing use not a tank use.

Items: This is the most interesting about my build

I was wondering what item I should get first on my build. There are 2 options: Scepter or Dagger. It depends on who are your lane enemies. But both of 2 items are the components for your first core item MALADY. Why MALADY? I tested many games about MALADY or Blood Thirster and figured out MALADY is the safe choice cause its cheap and not losing anything when you die. If you are confident about your survival skill, go for Blood Thirster.

Second item is boot. Its very situational. You can get any boot you want but I prefer Berserk. Why ? Along with MALADY, You now is easy to farm mob based on your Q and Passive.

What we gonna get next? Frozen Mallet for sure. Great HP, slow effect. If your team has many stun or slow, go for Fire Cloak cause it helps you farm and survive.

4th item should be AS or AD item. Last Whisper if enemies have tanks or stack armor. Wits End if many CC. If you farm well, go for Black Cleaver to boost AD or Phantom Dancer for many benefits.

Normally, Game is over at this time however If you have many kills or assists, look for 2 more items below:

Last 2 items could be Blood Razors, RageBlade, Warmog, another Fire Cloak, SotD. Its up to you. Go for what you need.


Now I dont have enough IP for runes but I can tell you some recommendations to fit my build.

Yellow: Dodge runes for sure. You will dodge alot in game along with Phantom Dancer and your Mastery. Ninja means flexible, oh yeah )

Red: Armor Penetration or AS should be good. Dont even try Crit runes

Blue: Stacking Magic Resist or Cool Down runes should be good


I go for 0/9/21 on this build


Flash for sure

The 2nd one should be teleport (You need to farm alot), Exhaust, Cleanse or anything you wants


With this build, you can have more than 3k HP in late game and lots of dodge. I can understand how people feel when they played a ninja but hes unable to kill enemy. Your play style should be defensive but able to kill some one.

IF they push tower, let them near tower and use E to force them attack you. Its basic theory as Rammus

With this build, you have no problem in jungling. You dont have any farming skill like any other champs so try jungling as much as you can and kill creeps. It required little patient

When you encountered an enemy, use the combo. W first and Q, hit hit, W, Q. IF they run, use E. If they are strong enough to kill you, E + Flash to escape or ulti after activing your W


Its all about my guide. I know I will have more work on him to find out other builds. Im very appreciated if you guys leave a comment here. We can open a discussion to find out what is good for Shen because I know many of you have the same feeling as mine about Shen. Hes a ninja so hes could kill enemy with his style. Lets find out his style together. Hope you guys enjoy my guide and have fun ^^


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